NDRP 2024 Call for Expression of Interest

Fri 3 Nov 23

National Dance Residency Partnership (NDRP) 2024 Call for Expression of Interest is now open

The NDRP is a partnership between Dance Ireland, Dance Limerick, Dance Cork Firkin Crane, Galway Dance, and Tipperary Dance to provide a networked support to choreographers in the production of new dance work. By coming together, the partners acknowledge that our collective infrastructure and resources can go further and encourage more ambition in the dance sector.

Each partner is contributing financially and in-kind space to one choreographer which will allow for six weeks rehearsal time across the country. This award includes a financial award of €10,000 to support the residencies and invest in the development of the new work, a bursary for the successful choreographer to attend Tipperary Dance International Festival, and the time and support of artistic staff.

Through this award, it is our intention to open up the model of making dance work in Ireland by de-centralising opportunities throughout the country, whilst building networked production models supported by a strong partnership infrastructure.

What is on offer?

We will support 1 choreographer/maker who has resources in place to develop new dance work in 2024 by offering:

  • 6 weeks (non-consecutive) of studio space across our partner venues in Dublin, Galway, Cork, Limerick, and Tipperary. This can be arranged in blocks of 1 to 2 weeks at 3 or more locations.
  • A financial award of €10,000 to support residency expenses (travel, accommodation, per diems etc) and invest in the development of the new work.
  • Support in arranging local accommodation. (Accommodation provided in Cork.)
  • Opportunities to share work in progress, if appropriate.
  • A pro-training bursary for Tipperary Dance International Festival, including accommodation & subsistence.

Who is this for?

We would like to hear from you if:

  • You embrace the national and networked partnership approach and are willing to undertake residencies in various venues across Ireland. This is an opportunity to connect with the Partner organisations, understand the context we each work in, and – where appropriate – connect with peers or members of the community in each location.
  • You are researching and developing new work in 2024. We are keen for this to be an opportunity to invest deeply in incubating new ideas and innovative new work that would benefit from engaging with the partners and building contacts and networks across Ireland.
  • Have additional financial support through existing funding, grants, or independent resources; or are preparing an application for funding that this award could support further ambition and innovation in achieving.  All partners are committed to the Arts Council’s ‘Paying The Artist’ policy. We recognise that the financial resource offered may not be enough to ensure that artists and the creative team are paid at an appropriate level, or to fully fund your research time. This is why it is important to consider how feasible this offer is for you before you apply. If you are applying for this award to enhance a funding application, you must also demonstrate that if that additional funding is not granted, you can feasibly participate in the residency programme without that support. In all cases, you should ensure appropriate payment to artists.
  • Can engage with the timeline of the partnership and complete the residencies by December 2024.  There is space available between January 2024 and December 2024, and some of this will be fixed and some flexible, depending on the location. We are open to working with the successful choreographer to make this work with their plans.
  • Are willing to support the development of this partnership through sharing and evaluation. Artist-led engagement and connection between the partners is something we would like to explore. We are open to suggestions of how this can be achieved, and how this may impact the evaluation of the partnership.
  • Are  not  in receipt of Strategic or Arts Grant funding from the Arts Council.

Whilst this residency partnership is not focused on developing a work to full production, it may be possible to arrange for technical / production time at some venues. This could, for example, be used for testing production ideas, or for filming sections of work for publicity or showcasing. If you have an agreed performance date in Autumn/Winter 2024/25 do let us know.

Example application scenarios:


Research & Development: You may have a bursary or commission to research and develop a new work in 2024, and this national residency opportunity could bring additional space and resource to that process, and an opportunity to test ideas with local peers and supportive communities.

Bridge: You may have completed R&D on an idea, which may have been previously supported by a Bursary award or similar. This national residency could provide a bridge to develop and test ideas and outcomes further before submitting for further Project or Touring funding.

Production: You may have funding and resources in place to develop and fully produce a new work to premiere in 2024 or early 2025. This national residency could offer additional support and testing ground for this new production, ensuring high quality and ambition, and building potential audiences across the country with the support of the partners.

How to apply: 


The NDRP is coordinated and administered by Dance Ireland, and representatives from each partner organisation form a steering committee to support the programme, participate in the selection process, and contribute to the future direction of the initiative.

Applications that meet the criteria outlined above will be shortlisted and considered by a panel including representatives from the partner organisations, and an independent artist representative.

The Partner Organisations are committed to the Arts Council’s Policy on Paying the Artist and Safe to Create and ask that partners, contractors and supported artists abide by these policies and codes of behaviour through planning to delivery of programmes and projects.

To apply, please complete the expression of interest form here.

A PDF document copy of the Google form can be found here.

Additional information, including budgets, CV’s or other relevant documents should be emailed to: molly@danceireland.ie with the subject title: “NDRP 2024 [NAME OF APPLICANT] Supporting Documents”.

Should you require additional support or have access needs, please let us know by emailing: info@danceireland.ie or calling Dance Ireland on 01 855 8800.


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