Studio Light Moves: Open Futures 2024

Wed 5 Jun 24

Light Moves is thrilled to announce the 6 artists taking part in Open Futures 2024.

Selected from a competitive open call earlier this year, the 3 pairs of dance and digital artists will spend 2 weeks in Limerick in June and December 2024 where they will work on their proposed research.

Artists will spend time at Dance Limerick, Digital Media and Arts Research Centre & the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance at the University of Limerick, and Limerick City Gallery of Art.

The artist pairs are: Stephanie Keane and Paddy Mulcahy (IRL), Matías Homar and an0th3r.l0p3z (USA), and Billy Kemp and Sophie Hutchinson (IRL).


Stephanie Keane and Paddy Mulcahy

Irish traditional dance artist, Stephanie Keane and electronic music composer/producer, Paddy Mulcahy are engaging in a new creative research practise to develop a new innovative approach to integrate percussive dance and music technology. The area of research they will explore is real time/interactive sound. During the residency, they will explore new mediums of expression of dance and music composition, work out new ideas and concepts that will arise, and to troubleshoot and experiment with sound production and technical findings.  This residency opportunity will begin the development of opening up a new approach for live performances and techniques to create sound design for screen dance and theatre projects. They will spend time researching and developing a collaborative process and practice, mixing juxtaposing art forms together and blending the two.


Matías Homar and an0th3r.l0p3z

For this project, the artists aim to use the GEP Tebukuro and GEPedal (interactive wearable MIDI controllers that reacts to the motion of the dancer and musician) to create and modify sounds. This involves the use of real-time audio processing and the exploration of generative music methods (Pure Data and MIDI sequencers). Through the experience in Open Futures 2024, they want to deepen the development of generative tools that has been solely focused on sound and expand them to visual components as well. Thus, they are moving from pre designed visuals to the use of TouchDesigner as a way to pair the real-time sounds with real-time visuals. Matías and Angela are looking forward to creating enriching connections with other artists and learning from a diverse palette of backgrounds and stories we all have to share.

Read more about Matías here and an0th3r.l0p3z here.


Billy Kemp and Sophie Hutchinson

Over the course of the residency, the artists will be exploring methods of high speed image capture and motion detection. First gathering material in an expanded temporal space, before experimenting with its transformation and translation into different media.

Read more about Billy here and Sophie here.

Open Futures is presented in partnership with Dance Limerick, Limerick City Gallery of Art, Digital Media and Arts Research Centre and the Irish World Academy at the University of Limerick. Open Futures is produced by Dance Limerick and funded by the Arts Council of Ireland and Limerick City and County Council.


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