Magdalena Hylak – 2023 NDRP recipient announced

Mon 3 Jul 23

Dance artist Magdalena Hylak has been selected as this year's NDRP awardee

About the National Dance Residency Partnership

The NDRP is a partnership between Dance Ireland, Dance Limerick, Dance Cork Firkin Crane, Galway Dance Project, and Tipperary Dance to provide a networked support to choreographers in the production of new dance work. By coming together, the partners acknowledge that our collective infrastructure and resources can go further and encourage more ambition in the dance sector.

We are delighted to announce that this year’s recipient of the award is Magdalena Hylak

Each partner is contributing financially and in-kind space which will allow for six weeks rehearsal time across the country. This award includes a financial award of €10,000 to support the residencies and invest in the development of the new work, a bursary for the successful choreographer to attend Tipperary Dance International Festival, and the time and support of artistic staff.

Through this award, it is our intention to open up the model of making dance work in Ireland by de-centralising opportunities throughout the country, whilst building networked production models supported by a strong partnership infrastructure.

NDRP & Magdalena Hylak

I am delighted to be the recipient of the National Dance Residency Partnership award for 2023/2024. This Partnership is fulfilling my need and belief in a dance work that needs to be produced nationally, to meet different territories, various professionals and towards the largest possible audience even and especially when it comes to an ‘experimental’ dance work. It’s also a great opportunity to strengthen my relationship with the main dance institutions, which have been an invaluable source of support in developing my own body of work.

For the 6 weeks of the NDRP’s residencies, I have invited 8 Irish based dancers, with different qualities and backgrounds, to join me in the particular research I’m working on since 2021.

After questioning the notion of performance and then working on sound and movement confrontation together with the associated composer Lionel Kasparian, I arrived at the point where I removed different components of what is perceived as dance or considered as music. As I have only explored it as a solo, I now want to ‘put’ this research through another moving body and witness new confrontations with live sound.

About Magdalena Hylak

Magdalena Hylak is a dance artist based in the West of Ireland.

She is currently touring nationally and internationally with John Scott-IMDT (IE) and Nacera Belaza (FR), with over 150 performances in 50 venues across 12 countries up to date.

Since 2021, she is developing her own body of work, where she questions the notion of performance. At the core of her research is the movement and sound outside of the question of style/genre or technique.

Magdalena Hylak is the Galway Dance Artist in Residence for 2023-2024. She is funded by Arts Council of Ireland and Galway County Council.


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