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WHAT NEXT Opening Performance


This site specific choreography by Mary Nunan was inspired by the atmosphere of St. John’s Square: the square itself, the buildings, the church and the graveyard. The piece is also inspired by the daily comings and goings on the Square. This is the ever- changing environment, the fluid dimensional surface, on which the choreography was created.

Nothing Accidental In This Big Dance sets out to enliven the square and to also be enlivened by it: to dance with it. Performed by six highly skilled and sensitive dancers, the piece comprises a number of sections that unfold in different parts of the square. It is at times dynamically playful, at times poetically poignant, at times formally architectural and always surprising – not least because we can never know what movements will cross its path during any one performance. This keeps it very much alive for the dancers and adds an element of excitement for the audience also.

We advise dressing warm and bringing an umbrella!

Choreography: Mary Nunan in Collaboration with the Dancers
Performers: Isabella Oberländer, Rachel Sheil, Robyn O’Riordan,
Salma Ataya, Sarah Fennell, Siobhán Ní Dhuinnín
Costume: Ella Daly

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Free Event, Booking Required

Free Event, Booking Required


6:30 pm - 7:00 pm


10 February 2022


Johns Square, Limerick City
John's Square, Limerick
Limerick, Ireland


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