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Programme 1

An exciting opening night with three engaging performances

The Parsley Collective | Jessie Keenan | Strtucture-couple


Tasting Space (20 min)

Choreography and performance by The Parsley Collective

We are Five. Currently. Our business is Dance. Improvisation. The improvisation is based on an approach to movement research that we are evolving together. It’s called z(ero)ing. It comprises a number of very specific improvisation practices. They are designed to support us to work as closely as possible with the raw materials of movement – to come at it from many different angles – to attune to space as a substance: to receive. 

We are finding that the movement that is emerging through this approach has a very particular ‘zing’ to it. And we look forward to sharing that with you. This will be The Parsley Collective’s first public performance. It’s going to be memorable — one way or the other!

Research supported by:  Arts Council Bursary Award, Dance Limerick Autumn Associates,Limerick City and County Arts Office Bursary, Irish World Academy of Music and Dance

Meet the Parsley Collective here


The Picture Palace (15 min)

Created by Jessie Keenan. Performance by Jessie Keenan (live) and Róisín Harten (on film). 

A short dance exploring the relationship between bodies, buildings and memories.

Using audio recordings, archival materials, truths, half-truths, and most likely some accidental fiction, a dance emerges. Moments from the past — transmitted through a body in the present — creating an ephemeral architecture of an absent building.

“You don’t know whether it’s a memory of a memory, or whether it’s actually a memory” My Aunt Carmel.

Choreography developed during research period with dancers Sarah Ryan and Róisín Harten. Supported by Arts Council Ireland, Cavan County Council Arts office, Galway Dance Project, Townhall Theatre Cavan and Cavan Arts Festival.


Believe (35 min)

Conception, choreography and performance by Structure-couple: Lotus Eddé Khouri and Christophe Macé.

Feet rooted to the floor, eyes fiercely glued to a mysterious horizon, two vertical bodies tremble like the two tips of a seismograph. Trapped under the burning halo of a pitiless light, they will keep on shaking until the tragically repeated echo of countertenor Klaus Nomi’s entreaties in Purcell’s Cold Song reaches its complete disintegration.

‘Believe’ is the last piece of Structure-couple’s ongoing series of duets, in collaboration with the musician Jean-Luc Guionnet. For nine years, Lotus Eddé Khouri and Christophe Macé have been working to meticulously conceive a collection of short “choreographic miniatures” all based on the same principles: an original movement, challenged by endurance and repetition, is progressively deformed in response to the distortions of a looped popular music track.

With the support of the Region and DRAC Île de France, and the city of Paris.

Structure-couple are Aerowaves Twenty23 artists. Aerowaves is a platform funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. 

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7:30 pm - 8:30 pm


8 February 2024


Dance Limerick Performance Space
John's Square Limerick


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