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Programme 3

The festival closing night is a triple bill featuring Irish and international artists.

Amir Sabra | Ghaliah Conroy | Jean-Baptiste Baele


Within this Party (15 min)

Choreography and performance by Amir Sabra.

Amir Sabra is a Palestinian dance artist and choreographer, currently based in Ireland. Starting out as a break dancer, Amir went on to explore contemporary dance as a performer, choreographer and film maker.

Finding the personal/intimate within the collective, ‘Within this Party’ is an improvisational dance performance based on the Palestinian traditional dance ‘Dabke’ and Hip Hop.

Produced by Stereo48 Dance Company. Mentored by Jenny Roche. Created with the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance. 

Meet Amir Sabra here


Sunken Works (15 min)

Choreography and performance by Ghaliah Conroy and CJ P.Roxas.

In ‘Sunken Works’, Ghaliah Conroy explores how past public displays of black bodies have affected our relationship and perception of the female black body. Having been researching the topic of Human Zoos within the last two years, Ghaliah collaborates with CJ P.Roxas to explore further how these public displays have influenced our relationship and perception of black bodies over the years.

Taking inspiration from Sarah Baartman and Josephine Baker, Ghaliah and CJ expand on this previous research using movement, voice and imagery.

Supported by DansBrabant.

Disclaimer: contains nudity


Nabinam (30 min)

Choreography and performance by Twenty23 artist Jean-Baptiste Baele.

Nabinam is an auto-biographical work in which Jean-Baptiste talks about his adoption story. Adopted from Madagascar, he has encountered many different challenges: growing up with older peers due to age discrepancies on his documents, being constantly compared to his family because of skin colour differences and a hidden bond with a twin he never had the opportunity to grow up with.

Nabinam takes the audience on a roller coaster of emotions in its unpredictable change of pace.

Jean-Baptiste Baele is an Aerowaves Twenty23 artist. Aerowaves is a platform funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. 

Warning: possibility of flashing lights. 

Watch promo for Nabinam here

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7:30 pm - 8:30 pm


10 February 2024


Dance Limerick Performance Space
John's Square Limerick


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