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Creative Exchange

The Creative Exchange has been a core part of What Next Festival since its inception in 2018. The unique idea was to invite the festival artists to Dance Limerick in advance of the festival to spend time together in the studio to connect and share insights into their process and practices versus landing in, performing and leaving.

Each year the festival artists spend 2-3 days together at Dance Limerick and through creative exchange gain invaluable insights into how each other works and creates as well as allowing time for fruitful discussions and interactions. The creative exchange provides the artists time and space to connect, reflect, learn and be energised and inspired. 

The Creative Exchange is facilitated by Catherine Young.

This is a festival and local artists-only event. Local artists can book for free clicking on the button above. 


6 February 2024<br/>10:00 am


7 February 2024<br/>2:00 pm


Dance Limerick Performance Space
John's Square Limerick


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