Moving With Art II

Thu 23 Jun 22


MOVING WITH ART is a dance and visual art collaboration designed for primary schools. The project is led by DL.BRIDGE Curator Philippa Donnellan, and Limerick City Gallery Learning Coordinator Brendan Egan.

MOVING WITH ART is intended to excite young people’s interest in the visual arts and to ignite enthusiasm for movement and the art form of dance. Taking inspiration from the artwork from current exhibitions at Limerick City Gallery, each project offers a unique sensory experience and a chance for young people to use their minds and bodies to explore, learn and respond to art.

Designed to encourage a cross-curricular and collaborative approach, class teachers are invited to work alongside the artists throughout the project, in order to guide the young people through this artistic journey of discovery.

Each MOVING WITH ART project involves 1 class group and their teacher. It takes place at Limerick City Gallery of Art and/or Dance Limerick and includes 4-5 creative workshops and a final informal presentation.

For more information about MOVING WITH ART please contact info[at]dancelimerick[dot]ie

Moving With Art

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