Autumn Associates at Dance Limerick

Fri 25 Aug 23

Dance Limerick is delighted to announce its new programme of Autumn Associates in partnership with the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance.


Award-winning and independent Iranian dance artist Tanin Torabi works in the realm of performance, choreography, and film. Coming from a sociology background, she holds an MA in Contemporary Dance Performance from the University of Limerick. Torabi’s works have been honored numerously by renowned festivals and academies worldwide.



Anastasiia Lapko, born in Ukraine, is a professional dancer, choreographer and dance teacher. Inspired by music and films, Anastasiia is also a practicing video creator, director and editor of dance, music, and poetry videos. She is interested in creating artistic work which collaborates with those who are also investigating, researching and learning dance film. As an Autumn Associate Anastasiia will further explore artistic elements such as her teaching and choreographic practice, alongside dance and film explorations.



Claire’s work, while mainly focusing on dance, spans vocal and sound art, eco-somatic and performance art. During her residency she will deepen her current research on improvisational scores interweaving vocalisations and text within energetic movement architectures. Underpinning this exploration is a drive towards performances of the erotic – modes of empowerment that recognise a chaos and vulnerability in difference. Claire draws on queer and neurodivergent perspectives of otherness, heightened sensitivities, states of transformation and becoming.



‘The Parsley Collective’ is a newly-established group of five Limerick-based dance artists: Salma Ataya, Mary Nunan, Isabella Oberländer, Rachel Sheil and Angie Smalis. We have come together because of our shared interest in researching the raw materials of movement and modes-of-being in improvisation together.

Our current research process is called ‘The Parsley Collective: Tasting Space’. As part of this process we are exploring and refining an approach to movement-research and improvisation called z(ero)ing. The latter comprises a series of tasks, some of which are designed to support us to work as directly as possible with one of the raw materials of movement: space: to connect with it as a substance rather than an abstract idea.

The notion of ‘collective finding’ (pooling our collective dance experience, intelligence and imaginations) is central to z(ero)ing. So in addition to researching movement and ideas/structures for improvised performances, we are also testing the way in which the ideology of ‘collective finding’/ shared artistic ownership impacts our working relationship. 

We all have a strong sense, even at this very early stage of our research, that z(ero)ing does ‘something’ really interesting, not only to tone and texture of our movement, but to our imaginations as well.

Our Mission (Impossible) Statement

We’re ambitious. We want to be able to walk through walls. Or to have walls walk through us. We’re not afraid of failing. Today.

The Parsley Collective: ‘Tasting Space’ current research process is funded by a Limerick City and Council Arts Office bursary award.

Supported by Dance Limerick as one of its Autumn Associate Artists.

The Autumn Associates Programme is a partnership between Dance Limerick and the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance.


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