CROWD 2022 Participants Announced

Thu 25 Aug 22

Dance Limerick are delighted to host Rita Marcalo & Silja Tuovinen as part of CROWD 2022 International Residency Exchange.


Taking place across Finland, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway and the UK between 11th July – 23rd September, the CROWD 2022 international dance exchange residency programme is an opportunity for dance artists to explore and develop their practice in community-engaged dance by working with and learning from each other and local participants.


Rita Marcalo is the Artistic Director of Ireland-based Instant Dissidence, which is her way of bringing different artists together, in different combinations, to realise different ideas: through Instant Dissidence Rita invents ways of offering other people art experiences and solve creative problems.

Instant Dissidence is also a socially-engaged and ecologically-engaged company: the company foregrounds the role that dance/choreography can play as a social engine; we are ‘artivists’ who believe in the power of connecting art and social consciousness.

In October 2018 the United Nations warned that we had 12 years to give up our current civilization and create a new one in order to avoid a climate and biodiversity catastrophe. In October 2018 Rita made a pledge: over the next 12 years Instant Dissidence will make 12 works, each acting as a mirror (and warning) to society as to whether or not we are moving in the right direction.

Website | Twitter | Instagram 


Silja Tuovinen is a Finnish choreographer working with both dance performance and film. Next to developing her own art and research projects, she is interested in exploring different forms of collaboration and companionship as part of the artistic work, including both professional and non-professional communities.

Silja holds an MA in Choreography from Stockholm University of the Arts and a BA in Peace and Conflict Studies from Malmö University. She has further studied among others Social Psychology, Work and Organisation Psychology, and Dance Didactics. Her multidisciplinary background is visible both in the methods and themes of her work. At the moment Silja works between Stockholm, Berlin, and her hometown Oulu.

Silja will be on residency with Rita Marcalo at TaikaBox (Finland) and Dance Limerick (Ireland).

Website | Vimeo | Instagram


With the support of the CROWD 2022 network partner organisations:

Bora Bora (Denmark),
FABRIC (Dance4 and DanceXchange together) (UK),
Davvi Centre for Performing Arts (Norway),
Dansateliers (the Netherlands),
Dansverkstæðið (Iceland),
Pottporus (Germany),
TaikaBox (Finland),
TanzFaktur (Germany),
The Work Room (UK).


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