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Roberta Ceginskaite in residence

Percolate artist Roberta Ceginskaite is in residence at Dance Limerick for two weeks in June

For a two-week period, Roberta will be working with two collaborators on her newest piece, for the world we’re after (working title). 

The theme for this creation is the collaborative imagining of the world that we are looking for. What is the utopia described in the literature and within our minds? And what are the constant obstacles creating the tension between what is and what could be? Is the fight the main purpose and the main drive for our lifetime? 

Empathy is one of the main elements which we will delve into, trying to understand what it means and how it can be used as a tool to get us somewhere. We are planning to navigate where we are in this world, project where this trajectory may lead and how far are we off the destination of utopia that we are after. 

We’ll be looking at eco-feminist theories of ecological grief to understand and take care of the space between the expectations and the reality. 

We are not working towards a singular way of presenting but a plurality of possibilities.

ROBERTA CEGINSKAITE is a creator and dancer based in Galway. She graduated in Contemporary Dance from Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Tilburg. As part of her training, she took part in various workshops and projects in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands and went on to work in Budapest with the School of Disobedience. On return to Ireland, Roberta partook in the Step Up Dance Project, working with choreographer Fearghus Ó’Conchúir. She recently presented her solo piece ‘Spoonful’ at the What Next 2023 festival in Limerick and continues to create her own work thanks to the Arts Council Agility Award, the HATCH mentorship award from Dance Ireland and the Galway Dance Project.

12 June 2023
23 June 2023

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