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Professional Classes with Claire Keating

Dance Limerick are delighted to host professional classes with Interdisciplinary Dance Artist Claire Keating for Winter Term 2022.

A 4-part series starting from Friday 18th November, 12-1:30pm

The class will focus on presence and play through movement and vocal improvisation.

Drawing on Noguchi Taiso and Butoh practices woven together with Pauline Oliveros’s Deep Listening scores as a way of softening into a more fluid, porous and receptive body. We will explore a somatic approach to drop into an altered state of presence, and play within our perceived limits, looking at shifting between states of solidity and malleability. An invitation to sense into when and how space moves, as opposed to, and in combination with, a moving body in space.

About Claire Keating.

Claire Keating (she/her) is an interdisciplinary dance artist. Her practice, while mainly focusing on dance, spans vocal and sonic art, visual arts, site-specific and performance art. She has made, performed and led events dedicated to expanding the boundaries of presence and performance. Her current investigations involve exploration of voice and somatic movement through states of consciousness and score based choreographies.

Originally from Limerick, she studied ballet in Perm, Russia, contemporary dance at Rambert, London, and a BSc in Mathematics from UCL. Her interest in art and science crossovers led to performances with Future Physical in ‘Cluster’ events and at ICA, London. She formed the collaborative group New dust with Catherine Watling and Jim Prevett, exploring dance and interactive technology through events at the 291 Gallery and other venues in London and the UK.

In 2004 she was awarded a grant to study Butoh with Yumiko Yoshioka in Germany and her work has subsequently been influenced by this technique. She has performed group and solo pieces internationally, including HacB with Ryan Jordan at noise=noise events UK, solo installation performances in specially contructed lycra box at Brunnenstrasse gallery in Berlin, site specific performance ‘in-between’ with Yuko Kominami at Woking Dance Festival, ‘Wardrobe’ Jane Munro at Chisenhale, ‘Frau’ with Carrie Mueller at Nottdance 09, and Zatoichi-e, choreographed by Teo Ghil in Switzerland.

While supported by Daghdha Dance Company in Limerick in 2010, she performed at Gravity and Grace Festival. Also at Occupy Space Limerick, for ‘Livestock’ at Market Studios Dublin, as a performer in Ruairi Donovan’s ‘Witches’ for Cork Midsummer Festival, residencies at TDC, in Firkin Crane, and Guesthouse, Cork and solo performance at Joinery Gallery, Dublin. She performed her solo ‘Mediated’ at Little Room pop up event space in Dalston, London. Her next solo performance, Oscoilt-Scoilt, a response to Magdalene laundries in Ireland was performed in Dingle, Kerry for the festival Going Solo Together in 2017.

Extending her practice more into sound, using acoustic instruments, voice and digital looping, she began a new collaborative project Arcane Resonance with an electronic musician creating dreamlike soundscapes. In 2021 she performed a solo piece, Be(e)have in response to the lockdown, incorporating voice and movement, as part of an installation for Somerset art weeks in Glastonbury, UK. For Culture Night 2022, she performed in Liliane Putod’s ‘Night Shift ’at IMMA in Dublin.


Part of Dance Limerick’s Series of Professional Classes curated by Dance Limerick and DL Bridge Artist, Katy Hewison.



18 November 2022
9 December 2022

Dance Limerick Studio, 1-2 John’s Square


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