Percolate Residency - Kristyn Fontanella

Tuesday, 26 November, 2019 - 15:28
Image by Lucy Dawson

Collaborative Solo - Fn - Fibonacci Sequence

Follow a number of years of developing duets and large ensemble works, Kristyn Fontanella is focusing on a solo. In this residency Kristyn will study the beginning order of the Fibonacci sequence to create rhythms through traditional Irish dance methods.

The Fibonacci Sequence was made known by Leonardo of Pisa, but was actually discovered by Hemachandra, an Indian poet and polymath who discovered the sequence 50 years before Fibonacci. Indian scholars who had long been interested in rhythmic patterns that are formed from one-beat and two-beat notes studied these numbers.

Kristyn would like to take these patterns and rhythms and interpret them through Irish dance. After finding a basic understanding of the sequence and what possible rhythms, she will invite a musician, mover and poet into the studio to collaborate with their interpretations.


As a dance artist and choreographer, Kristyn Fontanella holds a BFA with high honours in Theatre and Dance from CCSU and an MA in Contemporary Dance Performance from the University of Limerick. Kristyn has toured the world with many prestigious dance shows including: Riverdance, Lord of the Dance and performed lead female role in Gaelforce Dance.

Her current choreographic works focus on her past knowledge of Irish step dancing and presents it in a contemporary context and has been presented at multiple platforms: Tanzmesse, Düsseldorf Germany; Dublin Dance Festival; Echo Echo Dance Festival, Derry; and KLAP Marseille, France. Kristyn’s latest ensemble work, IN LiMBO has been supported by the Irish Arts Council and will tour Ireland in February 2020. Her current mission is to show another side of the complex world of Irish Step dancing to future generations of dancers.


Open Call for Percolate Residencies 2023

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