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Tuesday, 2 October, 2018 - 11:28

Residency dates: 23 July - 3 August

In July and August 2018, Sound & Colour Production researched and developed their latest performance work during the Percolate Residency at Dance Limerick.

During the two week residency, musician and composer Kavall (GER), dance artist Matt Cleary (UK) and me (Stephanie Scheubeck)  researched intensely into the relationship between sound, movement and embodiment by going through cycles of receiving sensory stimuli and expressing them: sound, listening, drawing, moving and resonating in stillness influenced one another in a creative exchange.

Passing fluently from task into the other, we took the sensory information from one medium to the other so that they influenced each other mutually. Core to our research were the work with the concurrents (the synaesthetic perceptions), space, (sound) waves, density, kinaesthetic resonance.

Thanks to the great technical support and equipment from Dance Limerick we were able to deepen the explorations on coloured light and the multi-layering of visual stimuli (light, shadows, film, live stream) with the two projectors and the video camera provided. For the showing, we transformed the white dance studio into a gallery space: The projections scanned the site, it’s corners, walls and cracks. The audience as well as performers were immersed by Kavall’s soundscape, by the coloured light of the projections that flooded the space and by the physicality of the dance that spread through the whole space. 

Influences of Ireland-Clare-Limerick

We were welcomed warm heartedly during our stay in Ireland: Lovely conversations and music making with our host, dinner invitations by fellow artists, intense conversations and stimulating artistic exchanges. 

Our generous host took us to Kilkee on the weekend and some of the footage I used for the projections was filmed on the travel. The colorful flowers on Limerick’s bridges served as base for footage for immersive projections in the showing.

After the residency we followed an invitation by artist Maria Kerin and stayed with her in Ennistymon for a residency and a sharing with Ankor, a platform for European interdisciplinary movement-based arts practice sharing. We connected with inspiring artists from various disciplines, shared our work and were impressed by the strong community of artists in that part of Ireland.

I feel enriched and artistically as well as personally nourished from the stay Ireland and from the work during the Percolate Residency in Limerick. An opportunity I can highly recommend to fellow artists!

Thanks so much again to the team of Dance Limerick for the support during the residency. Slan leat and looking forward to seeing you again!

About Sound & Colour Production

Sound & Colour Production centres around the fascinating and rare neurological phenomenon called ’synaesthesia’, where the trigger of one sense simultaneously and involuntarily triggers a second sense and as a result the senses blend. I, Stephanie Scheubeck, a dance artist, filmmaker and synaesthete, started the research into the relationship between synaesthesia, embodiment and dance during my MA in Dance at Bath Spa University (UK) in 2016. The research is driven by the interweaving of my synaesthesia and my art making as well as by the aim to make this fascinating phenomenon know to a wider public.

By now, the production feeds into and is nourished by three strands:

- Artistic project - live performance
- Workshops and discussions
- Research

Sound & Colour gives insight into synaesthesia as an example for the variety of perception that is inherent in us as human beings. It highlights the beauty and enrichment diversity holds for communities and for society while offering a somatic, felt experience to the audience and a space for discussing diversity. With its qualitative, embodied research into synaesthesia, Sound & Colour aims to contribute to an integral understanding of this phenomenon, which is still predominantly quantitatively researched.


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