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During the months of June and July Dance Limerick will host 4 of our residencies for 2017. Working between the church and studio venue these dance artists will develop their own projects in a progressive and supportive environment.

Rachel Sheil | 5-18 June
Rachel’s residency is centred around developing material from play. Rachel is deeply compelled by the importance of imagination and the re-claiming of one's freedom and she will be using childhood games, Japanese anime, cartoons and video games as an impetus to make movement. This work is a continuation of her mentorship residency in January with Dr. Mary Nunan in Dance Ireland.

Catherine Young | 12-23 June
Catherine’s residency project looks at the idea of ‘refuge’ and stems from her recent work with refugees from Gaza, Iraq, Syria and Africa. Catherine will explore several themes and stories that have arisen from this initial research period that warrant further exploration. She will develop a full-length work inspired by this community and their quest to find refuge, home, tolerance and integration. She aims to develop a piece that will feature 4-5 dancers combining not only experienced artists but also members of the community which inform the work.

Monica Munoz Marin | 17-28 June
Monica Munoz will use her residency at Dance Limerick for the further development of her solo Sink or Swim. This piece plays with the social norms and expectations imposed on females in an over-sexualised society that accepts women only as the object, not the subject, of desire. She will also start a duet called The Quiet Women with her collaborator Justine Cooper.

Lucy Dawson | 3-14 July
The question of how to communicate internal experiences to others using the medium of film is one of the key drivers in Lucy’s artistic practice. In this residency, she will explore the sensation of breath, using a series of creative tasks drawn from contemporary dance, yoga and martial arts practices. The techniques will be filmed in order to capture and express these experiences.

*Dance Limerick’s Artist Residency Programme was re-named “Percolate” in January 2017 to reflect the sense of an idea that is brewing, developing or simmering and which can be brought to its next stage through a focused residency period. Residencies are open to national and international dance artists for a period of two weeks.


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Dance Limerick exists to support the development of professional dance artists within the Limerick region and beyond.

Through a combination of performance platforms, residency opportunities, master classes, talks and lectures, Dance Limerick will advocate for artistic dialogue and exchange. In collaboration with dance artists across a range of practices, Dance Limerick will promote the creation of new and innovative work and will devise programmes of access, engagement and participation for the wider public.

Based at the premises of the former Daghdha Dance Company, Dance Limerick houses offices and a fully equipped studio space along with a separate performance venue known as the Daghda Space

Further information about facilities and opportunities for professional dance artists available from Jenny Traynor at