Aerowaves Twenty21 Artists

Fri 6 Nov 20

Aerowaves is a network of partners from 33 countries across Europe, Dance Limerick joined the network in 2018. The partners represent and provide insights about their local and national dance scenes and the emerging talent there. At home, they promote Aerowaves opportunities within their dance community.

Aerowaves holds an annual open call for emerging choreographers working in geographic Europe who want to become one of the Aerowaves Twenty. We are delighted to announce this year’s selected Aerowaves Twenty21 choreographers:

– Alexandros Stavropoulos with Cinderella’s, Greece

– Anastasia Valsamaki with Body Monologue, Greece

– Adriano Bolognino/Anghiari Dance Hub with Gli Amanti – Anghiari Dance Hub, Italy

– Cécile Da Costa/ProFitArt with Roselyne, Czech Republic

– Emese Cuhorka & Csaba Molnár with Masterwork, Hungary

– Jenna Hendry & Matilda Bilberg with I U M I’ Switzerland/Sweden

– Lois Alexander with Neptune, The Netherlands

– Marta Cerqueira with SubLinhar, Portugal

– Laura – The Light of All and Go Go Dance Group Hot Tubes with Blondes, Finland

– Moritz Ostruschnjak with Tanzanweisungen (it won’t be like this forever), Germany

– Poliana Lima with Things move but do not say Anything, Spain

– Ramona Nagabczyńska with Body Parts, Poland

– Rebecca Journo with La Ménagère – La Pieuvre, France

– Renae Shadler & Collaborators with SKIN, Germany

– Rhys Dennis & Waddah Sinada/FUBUNATION with Ruins, United Kingdom

– Rudi Cole & Julia Robert/Humanhood with Torus, United Kingdom/Spain

– Sabina Bockova & Johana Pockova with The Lion’s Den, Czech Republic

– Su Güzey & Evrim Akyay with Kitty Kitty, Turkey

– Sung Im Her with Nutcrusher, United Kingdom

– Tereza Lenerová (Hradilková)/Floex and coll with Don’t stop, Czech Republic

Read more about the Twenty21 Artists and Aerowaves here.


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