What Next: Dive In, Discover Dance

What Next Dance Festival
What Next Dance Festival


19:30pm to 23:30pm


Fri 09 Feb '18 to Sat 10 Feb '18


Dance Limerick Performance Space


€10 - €28

What Next is a new Limerick based dance festival which encourages dance discovery through performances from new and exciting dance artists. The festival encourages you to sample something different in the form of an innovative, engaging and thrilling line up of events.

World renowned Irish dance artist and choreographer Fearghus Ó Conchúir will be on hand in the form of immersive residency facilitator in the days leading to performances for professional artists.

Audiences will experience a programme of fresh and evocative interactions and performances with a new generation of artists on the cusp of establishing their choreographic voices.



Daniele Ninarello creates an uninterrupted flow of movements in dialogue with a live soundscape played by Dan Kinzelman, mixing improvised music with voice and saxophone. Kudoku, a duet between two highly skilled artists explores the physical and sonic expression of the body, the visible traces it leaves in time and space. Daniele Ninarello’s hypnotic moves will slowly wipe your gaze clean and bring you to a state of peace.

Choreographer / performer: Daniele Ninarello
Musician: Dan Kinzelman (tenor sax, percussion and electronics)

‘electrifying in its unification of physical and musical space’ - Nadja Bozovic, Aerowaves Springback


with no name

Choreographer / Performer: Isabella Oberländer



Oscillate explores the natural rhythms of the body, the acts of breathing, blinking, pumping blood through our veins. It invites the audience to contemplate how we experience time beyond the hard-external clock. Oscillate is a duet performed by dancers Marion Cronin and Lucia Kickham. In it they explore disjointed timelines of events and temporal displacement. Fragmented frames of dance material are set alongside flowing sequences of movement, enlarging and contracting the time-space of the performers. Gestures are magnified, and bodies spun across the floor before they again find their resting pace.

Choreographer: Lucia Kickham
Performers: Marion Cronin, Lucia Kickham

‘My heart rate noticeably slowed at times, and my breath mirrored the rhythms I was processing’ - Áine, DRAFF


Folds of the Crane

"60 degrees north. 100 degrees east. In the psychic black, I know you from before I'm sure, I'm sure, I'm sure, I'm sure ..." Folds of the Crane is a cinematic, movement theatre piece inspired by black holes, flick books and multiplicities of the self. Drawn by light, coloured by sound, through the window of the body - a feeling of moving whilst standing still.

Choreographer/performer: Justine Cooper

‘a piece of dance that is as memorable as it is powerful’ - Stephen McDermott, No More Work Horse

PROGRAMME 2 (Family Friendly Shows)


Ruby is the narration of dance artist Tanin Torabi’s journey in life. It is an exploration of things that are important to her including her voice of protest and her voice of love. Ruby looks at the artist’s effort to remain in peace with the world around her, because making an effort is important.

Choreographer / Performer: Tanin Torabi

Winner of the Light Moves Outstanding National / International Student Work Award 2017



Begin is a piece that explores many elements of dance artist Rachel Sheil’s practice. It is a physical response using Hip-Hop and Contemporary Dance styles, allowing a free bodily expression to the music. The artist utilises and incorporates a passion for commercial and K-Pop music to help her understand her dancing body.

Choreographer/Performer: Rachel Sheil



Abacus expresses the effects of routine and monotony on us. It asks whether there is harmony in routine, and if there is ever anything original in repetition. Identifying the freedom and beauty in the everyday, Abacus is a contemporary dance performance for 9 women and 18 buckets. The performers take the buckets through a 15-minute sequence of routines that echo the experience of work. The women have become so well versed at their tasks on the 'night shift' that they perform with an eerie precision that locates the beauty in work and gestures.

Choreographer: Laura Murphy
Performers: Helga Deasy, Magdalena Hylak, Justine Cooper, Siobhán Ní Dhuinnín, Sarah Ryan, Lucia Kickham, Marion Cronin, Isabella Oberländer, Monica Munoz Marin

‘Abacus enthralled and fascinated audiences…monumental and striking, performed with powerful precision and intent’ - Kris Nelson, Curator, Dublin Fringe Festival 2017



Sintering is the process of forming materials into a porous, textured mass. The resulting structures consist of small cavities, probing the in-between and mining the underneath the surface of the everyday. Cascading and carving through time and space, the performing body, video footage and sound coalesce, forming micro-narratives and structures that blur the boundaries between fictional and non-fictional experiences. Sinter was developed as part of the Limerick Dance Artist-in-Residence programme.

Created by Mary Wycherley in collaboration with choreographer Hélène Cathala
Performance / video: Mary Wycherley
Music: Jürgen Simpson

Mary Wycherley has been Limerick Dance Artist-In-Residence since 2015


Alien Express
Jump on an astral train and take a journey of transformations. Turning David and Goliath into a Centaur, climbing a mountain or singing a love song, Žigan Krajnčan and Gašper Kunšek invite dream-like images on stage. Alien Express is a disarming and gripping duet traveling from duality to unity, solidly anchored in a refreshing friendship.

Choreographers / Performers: Žigan Krajnčan and Gašper Kunšek

‘dream-like…a disarming and gripping duet traveling from duality to unity, solidly anchored in a refreshing friendship’ – Aerowaves


Music for Chameleons by Padraic E. Moore

An inclusive interactive happening concerned fundamentally with the politics of pleasure, Music for Chameleons is an ongoing project initiated by visual arts curator Pádraic E. Moore.
At the core of the project is an extensive collection of singles and LPs belonging to late 20th century musical genres utilising electronic components such as drum machines, sequencers and synthesisers. This music can be deemed historically significant, either because it was technically pioneering or had a liberating impact upon social interaction. Music for Chameleons is a celebration of the redemptive transgressive potential of music as a sensibility and social¬-aesthetic practice; a temporary site of transcendence which emphasises music’s capacity to restore arcane instincts.

‘he’s brought a distinctive curatorial sensibility to the Irish cultural landscape’ – Aidan Dunne, The Irish Times


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What Next Dance Festival Programme 2018
Start the new year dancing with out kids and adult Dance Classes!
Limerick Dance Artist in Residence 2018

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Dance Limerick exists to support the development of professional dance artists within the Limerick region and beyond.

Through a combination of performance platforms, residency opportunities, master classes, talks and lectures, Dance Limerick will advocate for artistic dialogue and exchange. In collaboration with dance artists across a range of practices, Dance Limerick will promote the creation of new and innovative work and will devise programmes of access, engagement and participation for the wider public.

Based at the premises of the former Daghdha Dance Company, Dance Limerick houses offices and a fully equipped studio space along with a separate performance venue known as the Daghda Space

Further information about facilities and opportunities for professional dance artists available from Jenny Traynor at