Contemporary Dance / Mind Body Awareness with Mary Nunan

Contemporary Dance for Adult
Contemporary Dance for Adult


€70 for 6 weeks


18:00pm to 19:15pm


Tue 29 Oct '19


Dance Limerick Studio

This class introduces a number of different approaches to developing mind/body awareness in movement. It emphasises the importance of working with both your mind and body in order to develop your capacity to move with ease and confidence. It involves a series of exercises and task-based activities that are both strength building and relaxing. They harness the energy that is generated through the integration of mind and body in movement. These exercises are based on techniques drawn from contemporary dance and somatic practices and meditation.

About Mary Nunan

Mary Nunan’s professional career began when she joined Dublin Contemporary Dance Theatre (1981-86). This was Ireland’s first professional contemporary dance company. She was founder Artistic Director of Daghdha Dance Company (1988-1999).

Throughout her career she has created a substantial body of critically acclaimed solo and ensemble choreographies that have been performed at national and international venues and festivals including: London (South Bank), Berlin (Podweil Theatre), Munich (Dance ’95), Paris (Pompidou Centre) and Guanajuato (Festival Cervantino), Mexico. The screen adaptation of her dance-theatre work ‘Territorial Claims’ was selected for screening at the Lincoln Centre’s Dance-for-Camera Festival in New York City.

She was a collaborative artist/ performer in a number of works choreographed by Yoshiko Chuma (2000-2003) when Yoshiko was Artistic Director of Daghdha. She was member of the Maya Lila Collective, under the direction of Joan Davis (2002-15) and performed in ‘The Bell’s Shadow’ (2015) a feature length film directed by Mary Wycherley and Joan Davis. Recent ensemble improvised performances include ‘Rewriting Distance’, (2016) with Lin Snelling and Guy Cools Cools and ‘Tilting’ (2018), with Isabella Oberlander and Mary Wycherley: the latter premiered at LCGA and toured to RHA Dublin.


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