Thu 02 May '19

The Art Of Fugue

fugue /fjuːɡ/ noun

1.MUSIC - a contrapuntal composition in which a short melody or phrase (the subject) is introduced by one part and successively taken up by others and developed by interweaving the parts.

2.PSYCHIATRY - a loss of awareness of one's identity, often coupled with flight from one's usual environment, associated with certain forms of hysteria and epilepsy.
Origin: Late 16th century: from French, or from Italian fuga, from Latin fuga ‘flight’, related to fugere ‘flee’.

During her Percolate residency at Dance Limerick, Justine plans to continue her choreographic inquiry and undertake a period of practice-based research. Working with dance artists Emily Kilkenny Roddy, Oran Leong, Justine Cooper and Salma Ataya she intends to take inspiration from Bach's masterpiece Die Kunst der Fuge (The Art of the Fugue) BWV 1080, exploring the complex compositional structure of the work through movement. 

“Bach plays to God and himself in an empty church”, wrote the composer and critic Wilfrid Millers of The Art of Fugue. Soli Deo Gloria, Glory to God alone.. regularly inscribed at the end of Bach's compositions, a doctrine that everything that is done is for God's glory to the exclusion of mankind's self-glorification and pride. Justine is interested in talking to people about their faith and bringing these conversations into the studio.

“Study Bach. There you will find everything.” Johannes Brahms

In relation to this task, Justine wants to further explore the meaning(s) movement and the body represents or confers, both portrayed and interpreted. Functional, pedestrian, gestural, stylistic, contrapuntal, juxtapositional, disembodied or subsumed. And in what context? She wishes to play with the presentation of disparate elements, and how then, these elements can be perceived in multiple ways. Justine is very much looking forward to having the space and time to research with her collaborators, supported by Dance Limerick and the Arts Council.

For info on Justine's Professional Morning Class on Wednesday 22 May class click here.

For info on Justine's Work-in-progress Sharing on Thursday 23 May class click here.

Percolate Residency - Philippa Donnellan
Tue 23 Apr '19

Working Women, Dance

As part of a 2 week residency, choreographer Philippa Donnellan invites local participants to explore how dance theatre is made.

A little about the project from Philippa:

I look forward to embarking on a journey of discovery with women in Limerick, to consider women’s experiences of work and to ask - what does work mean to you? I am curious and excited about making choreography and devising dance theatre from our experiences and would like to discover more about the activities, places and environments where women work – and the impact these might have on women’s lives and well-being.

Philippa's residency is is 2 parts, an initial week from 17 - 21 June and a final week on 22 - 26 July. 

Photo by Shane Vaughan
Over 50s Dance Ensemble - Join us!
Thu 18 Apr '19

Do you enjoy dancing? Would you like to try something new? Join The High Kicks of Limerick, an ensemble of dancers aged 50yrs or over for a performance project this May. 

Inspired by the centenary of the Limerick Soviet The High Kicks will work alongside choreographer Jessie Keenan to create a new dance performance. This work will draw on the increasing pressure and tension between the British Military and the workers of Limerick just before the strike, and the sudden, dramatic breaking point that resulted in the formation of a ten day soviet. The High Kicks will create a dance piece that re-imagines the exceptional atmosphere and energy within Limerick during April 1919.

Rehearsal Schedule - May 2019

Price: €5 per session
Time: 2-4:30pm Daily

Wednesday 1st & Thursday 2nd
Tuesday 7th & Wednesday 8th
Thursday 9th & Friday 10th
Tuesday 14th & Wednesday 15th
Thursday 16th & Friday 17th
Saturday 18th - Performance Day

For more info on the performance or to purchase a ticket to STRIKE on Saturday 18 May at 2:30pm click here.

Limerick Youth Dance Company
Tue 12 Mar '19

Limerick Youth Dance Company (LYDC) is a new and budding youth dance group, led by dance artist and choregrapher Rachel Sheil, that committed to the growth of their dancers through weekly training every Saturday, providing guest teachers to learn new skills and developing a sense of individuality through dance.

Auditions were held at the end of 2018 and now the aim of LYDC is to push for excellence with regards to technique and training, and to perform as much as possible. We are always looking for performance opportunities so please get in touch at if you are interested.

We believe in the power of dance to guide young people in the development of self-discipline and strength of character. We are excited to show Limerick and Ireland what we have to offer and are hugely grateful also for the support of Dance Limerick!

Wed 13 Feb '19

Studio Friends Scheme | €60 per year | Open Call for Local Artists

In 2019, The Studio Friends Scheme is open for a small number of professional artists interested to develop their work or their practice. The scheme offers 40 hours of studio space which can be used by the hour, day or week and subject to availability. In addition, the subscription will entitle artists to free professional level classes which will run at least once monthly and to concession rate tickets (€10) to Dance Limerick’s performance programmes.

Performance tickets will be available online and will include all booking fees. The total value of the package is approximately €1,000.

Applications are welcome from dance and performance artists living locally. Interested artists should send a CV and a short statement about how they may wish to use the studio space in 2019.

Please email with applications and for more details.

Open Call for Symposium Papers
Fri 01 Feb '19

Modes of Capture: The Capturing of Process in Contemporary Dance-making

The Modes of Capture Symposium which will be held at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance at University of Limerick in partnership with Liz Roche Company and Dublin Dance Festival is seeking proposals. 

The symposium will run from Friday 21 June to Sunday 23 June 2019 at The Irish World Academy. 

The theme of the symposium is an exploration of the various means of capturing creative process to engage with the layers, threads, fragments and memories that interweave throughout the process of dancemaking. This will be situated in relationship to the possibilities afforded by the archive, including the idea of the ‘anarchive’ (Manning and Massumi), which rather than seeking to document a past event, endeavours to create a ‘feed-forward mechanism’ for process traces which continue to inform future creations, and ‘Living Archives’ (Kozel) which explores means of mobilizing the archive through technology and site related work.

The symposium invites perspectives on how dance artists document process and deal with questions of transfer and legacy. Situated in Ireland, where the performative and dancing body has often been elided from mainstream narratives, this exploration has particular resonance when questioning what may be lost through prioritising the artefact over lived experience. Therefore, a key aspect of this symposium is what performers in particular can contribute to knowledge about dancemaking, while at the same time, opening up channels for participants to interact outside of the boundaries of either theorist or practitioner according to a variety of logics of practice.

The event invites proposals for scholarly presentations, workshops, process showings and low-tech performances of various formats and is open to experimental or interactive modes that would intersect with the themes or processes in other ways.   

The keynote presentation will be delivered on Friday 21st June by Professor Susan Kozel from the University of Malmö, Sweden on the topic of Affective Choreographies and will be followed by a performance of I/Thou by Liz Roche Company at the Lime Tree Theatre, Limerick.  A full programme of the symposium performance events will be announced in April ahead of an introductory event to the symposium during Dublin Dance Festival on Sunday 12th May.


In your submission, please highlight the key theme(s) you will be exploring. Also please identify technical or presenting requirements, bearing in mind that we cannot offer high level technical support.

Please email your abstract (300 words) and short biography (including institutional affiliation if relevant) to
Deadline for submitting proposals 28 February 2019
Responses will be emailed by 11 March 2019

Symposium committee: Dr Jenny Roche, Liz Roche and Dr Róisín O’Gorman.

Juliana Tarumoto, Angeliki Margeti & Kate Hilder
Mon 21 Jan '19

A response to the research towards developing “B-ee-p” as part of the Percolate residency programme at Dance Limerick.

Evangelia Kolyra and her collaborators spent two weeks in Dance Limerick for a period of research in December 2018.

See the fascinating outcome of Evangelia's residency HERE

Choreographer: Evangelia Kolyra
Performers: Kate Hilder, Angeliki Margeti, Juliana Tarumoto 
Video editor: Panagiotis Papafragkos

Step Up 2018 Participants. Image by Maurice Gunning
Step Up 2019 - Applications Open!
Mon 14 Jan '19

Closing 5pm, Monday 18 February! 

Step Up Dance Programme 2019 brings a new outlook and continues to bridge the gap between dance education and professional contemporary dance practice in Ireland. Step Up is curated by Irish born, Marguerite Donlon, International choreographer and Director of “Donlon Dance Collective”, based in Berlin.

This year’s programme combines creating three brand new works with International choreographers, working on specific technical skills, from a renowned improvisation teacher, learning repertoire from one of the greatest masters in dance, personal coaching, followed by performances in three cities, by the six selected dancers who have completed their professional training within the last three years. Step Up will enhance young dancers’ professional networks by connecting them to the Irish and international contemporary dance community, thereby improving their professional opportunities for young dancers in Ireland and abroad.

Creation and Performance of new Choreographies

Three new works by international choreographers will be specially created for the 6 dancers.

Marguerite Donlon, Choreographer (Ireland, Germany), further information HERE . A new mid length choreography

Francesco Vecchione, Choreographer (Italy, Spain), further information HERE. A new short choreography

Emanuele Soavi, Choreographer (Germany, Italy), further information HERE. A new short choreography


Prof Dieter Heitkamp. Improvisation teacher (Germany)

An in-depth workshop on improvisation techniques by one of their greatest teachers in this field. A dance piece may develop out of this process and will be subsequently performed with the other works. Further information HERE  

Rainer Behr. Pina Bausch Repertory teacher (Germany)

Reiner Behr, is a long time dancer with Pina Bausch. Participants will learn repertoire choreography as well as the philosophy and deeper meaning of each movement handed down to Reiner directly from Pina Bausch. Further information HERE  

Eoin Mac Donncha. Ballet master and Rehearsal Director (Ireland)

Eoin trained at The Rambert School of Ballet in London before working at various state theatres in Germany including Stadtheater Giessen and Staatstheter Saarbrucken. He has worked with the Cathy Sharp Dance Company, Switzerland, the Expressions Dance Company, Australia, and has danced for Ballet Hagen under the direction of renown choreographers including Wayne McGreggor. Currently, he works as a soloist in Budapest with choreographer Pál Frenák. Eoin has taught at the Hong Kong academy of performing arts in Hong Kong, and has set a piece for the students of the graduating year there. Eoin will teach morning class and will assist the choreographers and rehearse the new works. He will be in the studio at all times, to assist with artistic matters.

Personal Development

Independent dance artists are required to initiate their own opportunities, to manage their career paths and often their own projects. The Personal Development aspect of the Step Up programme aims to give participants a broad toolkit or road map for taking the next steps in their career path. Activities will include

Coaching with Rivca Rubin. Personal Coach. (England)

Rivca encourages artists to ascertain their vision, locate the essence and refine their practice, grow purpose, align practice to values, and create working cultures people engage with, flourish and enjoy working in. Further information about Rivca and her work HERE 

Meeting key personnel within the dance field in Ireland

Meeting Step Up Alumni to hear their experiences since participating in Step Up

Workshop with Jenny Traynor, Programme Director, emphasising self-empowerment, tips and guidance on presenting yourself professionally, online and in applications to dance companies, programmers and funders. Further information about Jenny and Dance Limerick at

Timeframe / Key Dates

The full rehearsal / performance period runs from Monday 24 June– Saturday 31 August, using state of the art studios and facilities at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance at UL initially, and then at Dance Limerick, before performing in Limerick, Cork and Dublin.

Terms & Conditions

• Rehearsals will take place 10.00 – 6.00 pm Monday to Saturday for the duration of the rehearsal period. Some additional hours in the evening may be required, as the discretion of the choreographers.
• Accommodation will be provided for the first part of rehearsals on campus at UL, and subsequently in artist-friendly houses in the city for the second period of rehearsals
• Tour accommodation and tour travel as required, will be arranged and paid for by Step Up.
• A small weekly stipend will be paid toward day to day living costs
• Participants must be available on an exclusive basis for the full programme.


We are seeking applications from exceptional young dancers who will graduate before mid-June 2019 or who have graduated from professional level dance training within the past three years.
Please send your CV and a personal statement describing why you would like to be involved in Step Up and confirming your availability for the full programme which runs Monday 24 June to Saturday 31 August 2019.

Applicants should send web links of recent live dance footage, to include:

• 10 minutes of contemporary and/or ballet technique class material, ideally of you performing during the class in which you learnt it. If not, then footage of you performing the material outside of the class setting is also acceptable.
• An excerpt of a dance solo (performed in a studio or live performance.)
• An excerpt of a group piece, in a studio or live performance
• Please identify yourself clearly (in group footage) so we know who you are

Closing Date

Applications should be submitted via email by 5pm Monday 18 February to with Step Up Application in the subject line.

Next Steps

A shortlist of applicants will be invited to an audition on 29 March. Six dancers will be selected from audition to take part in the Step Up 2019 programme and letters of offer will be sent in the week of 1 April.
Queries on the application / process can be addressed to Jenny Traynor, Programme Director at

Step Up Dance Programme is a partnership between Dance Limerick, Dance Ireland, the Irish World Academy for Music and Dance at the University of Limerick and the Arts Council.

WRECK by Pietro Marullo
What Next Festival 2019
Fri 11 Jan '19

Dance Limerick is excited to bring you the second installment of What Next, Limerick’s newest dance festival & the first of it’s kind in Ireland. With an exciting programme of events including workshops & performances for all ages, it is a festival not to be missed this 7-9 February.

Scroll down to view the Festival Calendar and Booking Info.

Click here to download Festival Brochure.



Click on the event for more details and to book.

Thursday 7 February

Risks, Rights and Reputations Lab with Instant Dissidence (Rita Marcalo & Kristina Lomas) at Dance Limerick
Opening Reception at Limerick City Gallery of Art
Empowering Arts: Panel Discussion on Socially Engaged Arts at Limerick City Gallery of Art
Festival Club at Mother Macs

Friday 8 February 

Workshop with Luke Murphy at Dance Limerick
Programme 1: Transitions at Dance Limerick (Followed by a post show discussion at Dance Limerick Performance Space)
Festival Club at Mother Macs

Saturday 9 February 

Workshop with Emma Martin at Dance Limerick
Durational Performance: The End
Programme 2: Friends and Family at Dance Limerick
Programme 3: WRECK List of extinct species (Followed by a post show discussion at Dance Limerick Studio)
Everybody Dance: Closing event with Tobi Omoteso


Individual Tickets can be booked through the events pages in the FESTIVAL CALENDAR above. Individual Tickets cost €12 full price or €10 concession (online price only). Individual Tickets on the door are €14 / €12.

Festival Programmes Passes (entry to Prog 1,2 & 3) are €30 full price / €25 concession (online price only). Festival Programmes Passes purchased on the door are €35 / €30. Purchase a Festival Programme Pass here.

Book online now, why pay more on the door!

Mary Wycherley - Limerick Dance Artist-in-residence
Wed 19 Dec '18

With Light Moves 2018 festival activities wrapped up for another year, Limerick Dance Artist in Residence Mary Wycherley will be back in the studio throughout Spring opening up ideas for a new work entitled Weathering. Commencing a new phase of work is always exciting and Mary will be joined by Dancers Magdelana Hylak, Lucia Kickham and Sarah Ryan in Dance Limerick during this process. With time to dig in and further develop the questions for mixed media performance explored in 2018, Mary will now be introducing questions and practices that bring together dance ensemble, video and human voice.

Mary will continue her Open Futures programme introduced in 2016 in providing mentorship and support for local dance artists. In February she is delighted to work again with choreographer and performer Rosalind Crisp who is back in Limerick for a residency.

Dance Gift Vouchers
Thu 13 Dec '18

Giving the Gift of Dance this holiday season means sharing creativity, movement, fitness and fun! With such a wide range of events, classes and performances at Dance Limerick, a gift voucher is the perfect present. Vouchers are available for €90, €50, €25 & €10. 

Get Your Gift Voucher HERE 

How to use your voucher:

You can use the gift voucher for any of the events listed below. Simply choose the class, performance or event you would like to attend and email / call 061 400 994 with your Ticket Number to reserve your place. 

Gift vouchers can be redeemed against the following:

- Adults Dance Classes
- Dance Clubs for Young People
- Evening Performances
- What Next dance festival programme of events


- Gift vouchers are valid for 1 year (expiry 31st December 2019)
- Adult classes vouchers can be redeemed against are: Contemporary Dance, Ballet  and our Over 50s Dance Project
- Vouchers not redeemable against  Limerick Youth Dance Company
- Pre-booking essential for all events, classes and performances due to limited numbers

'MUYTE MAKER' by Flora Détraz © Bruno Simão
Aerowaves 2019 Artists Announced!
Tue 11 Dec '18

The suspense is over! Aerowaves have announced their Twenty19 artists selected by the partners during a meeting in Dance Limerick in October of this year:

MUYTE MAKER - Flora Détraz, France / Portugal
New Creation Filipe Pereira and Teresa Silva, Portugal
Hyperspace - James Batchelor and Collaborators, Italy
Speechless - Sofia Mavragani - Fingersix, Greece
Engel - Marta Alstadsæter and Kim-Jomi Fischer, The Netherlands / Norway
Ensemble - Robbie Synge and Lucy Boyes, UK
Gentle Unicorn - Chiara Bersani - Associazione Culturale Corpoceleste, Italy
Des gestes blancs - Sylvain Bouillet and Lucien Reynes - NAÏF Production, France
Cellule Anne-Marie Van - Nach, France
Jean-Yves, Patrick & Corinne - Sidonie Duret, Jeremy Martinez and Emilie Szikora - Collectif ÈS, France
Drift (I,II) - Thomas Bîrzan and Mario Barrantes Espinoza, Belgium
BSTRD - Katerina Andreou - Bark, France / Greece
The pure gold is seeping out of me - Renata Piotrowska-Auffret, Poland
Orchard - Elinor Lewis with Nuria Legarda Andueza, UK
HARLEKING - Ginevra Panzetti and Enrico Ticconi, Germany / Italy
Long Time No See! - Beatrix Simkó and Jenna Jalonen, Hungary / Belgium
Somiglianza - Mattia Russo and Antonio de Rosa - Kor'sia, Spain
Sujets - Sylvain Huc - Divergences , France
Restraint - Lina Gómez, Germany
Jumpcore - Pawel Sakowicz, Poland

You will meet the Twenty19 artists at Spring Forward from Friday 5th to Sunday 7th April, hosted by La Briqueterie in Val-de-Marne (near Paris). Save the date!

We would like to send the warmest welcome and congratulations to our newly selected artists and special thanks to all the applicants for submitting their works.

Please check Aerowaves social media channels to find out more about these choreographers in the coming weeks.


Open Call for Percolate Residencies 2023

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Dance Limerick exists to support the development of professional dance artists within the Limerick region and beyond.

Through a combination of performance platforms, residency opportunities, master classes, talks and lectures, Dance Limerick will advocate for artistic dialogue and exchange. In collaboration with dance artists across a range of practices, Dance Limerick will promote the creation of new and innovative work and will devise programmes of access, engagement and participation for the wider public.

Based at the premises of the former Daghdha Dance Company, Dance Limerick houses offices and a fully equipped studio space along with a separate performance venue known as the Daghda Space

Further information about facilities and opportunities for professional dance artists available from Jenny Traynor at