Percolate Residency - Deirdre Griffin
Mon 08 Jul '19


Soup is a performance piece that mixes movement, sound design and textiles into a bizarre tapestry that depicts the altered perception of the recently bereaved. It is a blackly comic kinetic shrine to a lost parent, built on a three dimensional collage of personal and cultural associations. Soup will reconstruct my perception of daily life around and after my mothers funeral and the feeling of detachment that occurs during bereavement, losing the purpose and reason for tasks but mechanically going through the motions.

The performance will use a combination of movement and costume to create a kind of doppelganger character: a fey creature that studies, mimics and parodies my bereavement. My school years training in Irish dancing, my study and career in contemporary movement and my current training in acrobatics and hand balance all mix to form a mutant physical language that navigates the space and interacts with the various objects, performing bizarre “scenes” that see-saw between hilarious and harrowing.

We began this project last year on a percolate residency awarded by Dance Limerick. Since then, we have continued to develop the work and recently performed a work in progress in First Looks in Dublin Dance Festival.

We are now returning to Dance Limerick to begin the final stretch of the creation. “Soup” will premiere this Autumn.

For info on Deirdre's Professional Morning Class on Wednesday 10 July click here


Deirdre is a Dublin based dance artist and choreographer. She trained at the Duncan Conservatory Prague and graduated from Fontys Dance Academy in Tilburg, Netherlands with a BA in Dance Theatre.

Since graduating she has worked extensively with ponydance theatre touring Ireland, the UK and internationally (Best Dance Award, Adelaide Fringe Festival 2012). In the last year Deirdre has performed alongside some of Irelands most acclaimed contemporary artists including Amanda Coogan and Mikel Murfi in Dolores by Junk Ensemble at Dublin Dance Festival 2018 and has toured Australia with Thisispopbaby theatre company in a new development with Philip Connaughton for the show RIOT.

The last four years Deirdre has been exploring an aerial and acrobatic practice performing and choreographing with Loosysmokes aerial company, creating both artistic and commercial performance work (Best Ensemble Award, Dublin Fringe Festival 2015).

Deirdre also writes and produces her own solo works under her project name “Headonbody” which have been performed in Ireland and internationally.

This year she is collaborating with sound artist and composer Craig Cox on a new solo project “Soup” that was performed as a work in development at Dublin Dance Festival 2019 and will premiere this Autumn.

Other notable companies she has worked with include; Trash (NL),Katja Heitmann (Ger), Theatre Lovett, Brokentalkers theatre company, Catherine Young, Megan Kennedy and Paper dolls (Ireland). On film she has worked on Penny Dreadful series 3, Republic of Telly and most recently performed in the film adaptation of Dublin Old School.

Deirdre was awarded The next stage 2017 bursary from Dance Ireland for Dublin Theatre Festival 2017. In 2018 she participated on the Delve programme for Spraoi Street Arts Festival with ISACS Network Ireland and was awarded a travel&training award from Arts council Ireland to attend Deltebre Dance Festival Spain. Deirdre was recently awarded a 2019 Dance Bursary from Arts Council Ireland.

Percolate Residency - Evgenia Sizmina
Wed 26 Jun '19


Evgenia Sizmina describes her residency -

My dance pathway started with studying ballet and modern dance within traditional dance institutions in Russia, followed by contemporary dance techniques, somatic practices, and dance improvisation. Because of my contradictory dance background, I saw plenty of contradictions within my body, and this was my very concrete and physical source of my inspiration.

During the residency, I want to explore the topic of one of the most common cultural archetypes through the prism of my own experience and social stereotypes, raising questions of women's identity, aggression and vulnerability. The metaphorical image of a woman in mini skirts and high heels is the starting point of the work and at the same time it is the inspiration for creating a dance language.

For info on Evgenia's work-in-progress sharing on 25 July click here.

For info on Evgenia's morning classes on 19 & 24 July click here.


Evgenia Sizmina started her professional dance training in St. Petersburg in ballet, jazz and folk dance. Further, she continued education in contemporary dance through participation in festivals, workshops and summer dance schools in Russia and Europe. She graduated from the University of Sport and Physical education in Russia and contemporary dance program Movement and Performance Research in North Karelia College Outokumpu (Finland), where she studied improvisation, contact improvisation, authentic movement, somatics and different contemporary dance techniques. Evgenia has been teaching contemporary dance since 2003 for different levels and age groups. She creates her own choreography since 2004, including group pieces and solo works. In 2017 she received a Stepping Stone scholarship to attend a Masters program in contemporary dance in the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance (University of Limerick, Ireland). She  currently works as a teacher and choreographer in different dance institutions in Russia.


Dance Theatre of Ireland - Adult Summer Course with Justine Cooper
Wed 26 Jun '19

Featuring expansive movement and freedom of expression, the Adult week with Justine is based in Contemporary Dance and will expand your technique and movement; you’ll learn new phrases, move across the floor with great fluidity and engage your creative instincts with some improvisation (where you don’t have to remember a thing!) while developing your own phrases working with others.

Dates: July 1-5
Time: 2-6pm
Price: €120

Bookings and Info through Dance Theatre of Ireland here.

About Justine Cooper

Justine Cooper trained at The Place London and The National Theatre Ballet School, Australia and danced with the Australian Dance Theatre. She is a much loved Contemporary dance teacher (having taught Body Conditioning and Ballet at DTI)  and an amazing performer. Justine has choreographed for the Dublin Dance Festival and performed with Emma Martin Dance, Cois Céim Dance Theatre, Junk Ensemble, Liz Roche Company, and Liv O’Donoghue.

Tue 25 Jun '19

Over 16 artists will spend time at Dance Limerick this summer as part of our Percolate artist-in-residence scheme. The visiting artists selected from an annual open call spend up to 2 weeks in our studio and performance venue in John's Square.

This July we welcome Deirdre Griffin, Instant Dissidence, Evgenia Sizmina, Philippa Donnellan and their collaborators. 

The Percolate residency programme aims to provide professional dance artists with space and support for research, experimentation, practice development and/or performance of new work.

As part of these residencies the artists will host morning classes allowing the local professional dance community with opportunities for professional development.

- For info on Deirdre Griffin's residency click here.

- For info on Instant Dissidence's residency click here

- For info on Philippa Donnellan's residency click here.

- For info on Evgenia Sizmina's residency click here.

Sign up to our mailing list here to be the first to hear about their residencies, morning classes and work-in-progress sharings. 

PERCOLATE RESIDENCY - Instant Dissidence
Tue 25 Jun '19

Seven and a half.

Research and development or an inter-generational dance work.

Rita is me, and Jorge is my seven year old nephew. I’m seven and a half! - he says, as I read this to him. So let me start again. Rita is me and Jorge is my seven and a half year old nephew.

For info on Instant Dissidence's Professional Classes on 12 & 17 July click here

For info on Instant Dissidence's work-in-progress sharing on 18 July click here.


Instant Dissidence is an Ireland-based company directed by me, Rita Marcalo. It is my way of bringing different artists together, in different combinations, to realise different ideas: through Instant Dissidence I invent ways of offering other people art experiences. My practice began in dance/choreography but eventually I became more interested in communicating concepts than in sticking to a particular art form. I began collaborating with others to create work in different media, and today I bring in people from different areas to solve creative problems. Instant Dissidence’s is also a socially-engaged practice where the company foregrounds the role that dance/choreography can play as a social engine: we are ‘artivists’ who believe in the power of connecting art and social consciousness.  

Limerick Dance Artist-in-residence - Open Call
Wed 05 Jun '19

Dance Limerick and Limerick City and County Council Arts Office invite Expressions of Interest from Irish based, Artists/Ensembles to undertake a two-year residency in Limerick from early 2020. The successful Dance Artist will partner with the two organisations in making application to the Arts Council’s Dance Artist-in-Residence (DAR) scheme, as part of Dance Limerick’s strategic funding proposal in late August/early September.  The DAR is awarded on an annual basis and a new proposal will be submitted in 2020 for 2021.

Please read the Arts Council Guidelines outlining eligibility and criteria in 2019/20 here.

Limerick Dance Artist in Residence

The aim of the Residency in Limerick is to offer an Artist/Ensemble opportunity to support his/her/their own practice and to develop an in-depth relationship with Limerick’s local artists, communities and audiences.  It is envisaged that the Artist will have a regular presence in Limerick over the course of the next two years.

The Process is in two stages:

- Expression of Interest, due Monday 24 June
- Detailed Proposal & Budget, due Friday 19 July

Expressions of Interest & Proposals might include but are not limited to

- Researching and developing new choreographic work
- Performance(s) at Dance Limerick and/or locally
- Collaborating with local artists working in dance or other media
- Working with local communities of place or interest to foster participation, appreciation and discussion around dance
- Programming and/or leading a suite of events such as workshops, masterclasses, talks, or laboratory sessions
- Collaborating with Dance Limerick on artistically focussed Audience Development Activities
- Feeding into Dance Limerick’s Percolate Residencies, Associate Artist and Performance programmes

Budget and Resources                          

- €28,000 (pending successful response from the Arts Council to the proposed programme of activity, the outcome of which will be known in December 2019).
- The performance space at Dance Limerick will be available to the Artist for a period of four weeks for the purpose of researching, creating and performing.  Additional studio / performance space can be provided for the purpose of other aspects of the proposal. Spaces and times to be discussed and co-ordinated in advance.
- Technical / production support for performances and projects taking place at Dance Limerick
- If not resident in Limerick, the Artist will have access to the two Artists’ Apartments (each accommodates one person), operated by Limerick City & County Council for blocks of one to six weeks at a time. Dates for occupancy to be agreed and subject to availability. (Please note, the apartments are not available for periods of less than 5 days.  All other accommodation requirements will need to be met from the residency budget or the Artist’s own production resources).
- Administrative support in organising the activities of the Residency
- Promotional support for the residency and its activities through Dance Limerick’s regular marketing channels and through the City & County Council Arts Office’s online marketing channels, e-newsletters and social media.

How to Apply

Email only to with DAR 2020 in the subject field

Initial Expression of Interest | deadline Monday 24 June | 1 PDF document to include

- 3 point summary of proposal (up to 50 words)
- Outline of proposal (up to 500 words)
- Artistic Statement (up to 100 words)
- CV
- 3 samples of work

Shortlisted Applicants will be invited to submit: 

- Detailed programme for year 1 with outline plans for year 2
- Details of artistic and audience engagement, and local individual/organisation involvement (up to 200 words)
- What the programme will bring to Limerick (up to 200 words)
- How the Residency will support your professional dance practice (up to 200 words)
- Detailed budget for year 1

Deadline Friday 19 July | 1 PDF document

Expressions of Interest & Detailed Proposals to be submitted via email to

Selection Process

A selection panel to include the Director of Dance Limerick, A Professional Dance Artist and the Local Authority Arts Officer will review all Expressions of Interest and will shortlist 3-4 Artists/Ensembles to be invited to submit detailed proposals.  All Artists/Ensembles will be advised of the outcome of their Expression of Interest by Friday 28 June.

Following review of detailed proposals by eh panel, all applicants will be informed of the outcome by Wednesday 31 July

This is a pre-submission process to the Arts Council’s Dance Artist-in-Residence Scheme and applicants should pay particular attention to the Arts Council’s Guidelines for applying to the scheme.  See link above

Selection Criteria

- The quality, originality and ambition of the Artist’s programme as demonstrated in the proposal
- The capacity to deliver the programme within the available resources
- The extent to which the applicant demonstrates the provision of equitable conditions and remuneration for participating artists
- The track record of the Artist

Partnership Roles for the Residency Programme

Artist - to design the residency programme and to lead on its delivery in collaboration with Dance Limerick

Dance Limerick - to lead on application to the Arts Council, support the Artist and the Residency Programme

Local Authority - to support the Artist and the Residency programme with in-kind resources including promotion of activities, accommodation, and any other way in which the Council can assist.

Modes of Capture Symposium
Wed 05 Jun '19

Presented by Liz Roche Company in partnership with the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, University of Limerick and Dublin Dance Festival.

The Modes of Capture Symposium will feature presentations and performances from leading dance artists and academics from Ireland, the UK, Australia, Iran, Austria, Sweden and Malaysia curated by Dr. Jenny Roche, Senior Lecturer in Contemporary Dance at the Irish World Academy, University of Limerick, Choreographer Liz Roche and Dr Róisín O’Gorman, Lecturer in Drama & Theatre Studies at University College Cork.

The keynote presentation will be delivered on Friday 21st June by Professor Susan Kozel from the University of Malmö, Sweden on the topic of Affective Choreographies and will be followed by a performance of I/Thou by Liz Roche Company at the Lime Tree Theatre, Limerick as part of the company's national tour. Lucia Kickham will also perform a work in development on the evening of June 22nd at Dance Limerick.


Performance at Lime Tree Theatre

I / Thou by Liz Roche Company Friday 21st June, 8pm

Liz Roche has taken iconic visual artist Brian O’Doherty/Patrick Ireland’s One, Here, Now; The Ogham Cycle as a point of departure to create a compelling and beautiful dance work which explores the everyday intimacies and energies that form our relationships to our surroundings and each other.

Set to a newly commissioned score by Linda Buckley with set and costume and light design by Joe Vanek and Stephen Dodd respectively, the moving body is set in distilled landscapes of sound, colour and light; the result is a world of possibilities in which, even if just for a moment, we can transcend individuality through our encounters with one another.

More info and bookings here.


Symposium Theme

The theme of the symposium is an exploration of the various means of capturing creative process to engage with the layers, threads, fragments and memories that interweave throughout the process of dancemaking. This will be situated in relationship to the possibilities afforded by the archive, including the idea of the ‘anarchive’ (Manning and Massumi), which rather than seeking to document a past event, endeavours to create a ‘feed-forward mechanism’ for process traces which continue to inform future creations, and ‘Living Archives’ (Kozel) which explores means of mobilizing the archive through technology and site related work. The symposium invites perspectives on how dance artists document process and deal with questions of transfer and legacy. Situated in Ireland, where the performative and dancing body has often been elided from mainstream narratives, this exploration has particular resonance when questioning what may be lost through prioritising the artefact over lived experience. Therefore, a key aspect of this symposium is what performers in particular can contribute to knowledge about dancemaking, while at the same time, opening up channels for participants to interact outside of the boundaries of either theorist or practitioner according to a variety of logics of practice.

Percolate Residencies: June 2019
Wed 05 Jun '19

Over 16 artists will spend time at Dance Limerick this summer as part of our Percolate artist-in-residence scheme. The visiting artists selected from an annual open call spend up to 2 weeks in our studio and performance venue in John's Square.

This June we welcome Eleven Farrer HousePhilippa Donnellan and Isabella Oberländer.

The Percolate residency programme aims to provide professional dance artists with space and support for research, experimentation, practice development and/or performance of new work.

As part of these residencies the artists will host morning classes allowing the local professional dance community with opportunities for professional development.

- For information on Eleven Farrer House's residency click here

- For information on Philippa Donnellan's residency click here

- For information on Isabella Oberländer's residency click here


Later this summer Dance Limerick will host Deirdre Griffin, Rita Marcalo, Evegenia Sizmina and WECreate Productions as Percolate artist-in-residence.

Sign up to our mailing list here to be the first to hear about their residencies, morning classes and work-in-progress sharings. 

Step Up 2019: Participants and Tour announced!
Wed 05 Jun '19

Step Up Dance Project, now in its eight year, once again plays host to some of Ireland’s most promising contemporary dance graduates. Step Up 19 brings a new outlook, curated by Marguerite Donlon (Ireland / Germany), International choreographer and Director of Donlon Dance Collective, based in Berlin. Five promising young dancers have been chosen following a competitive open call and audition process, they are Aliina Lindroos (Finland), Claudia Gesmundo (Italy), Ginvera Cecere (Italy), Juliana Tarumoto (Brazil) and Rosie Mullin (Ireland). The dancers selected are a mix of Irish natives who have traveled abroad to complete their training and seek work, and dancers who have trained in Ireland and are now resident here.

The dancers will train with Eoin McDonagh (Ireland), Rivca Rubin (UK) and Deiter Heitkamp (Germany) and will create new dance works with Marguerite Donlon, Emanuele Soavi (Germany / Italy) and Francesco Vecchione (Italy / Spain), over a period of ten weeks culminating with an Irish tour in August 2019.

The August tour dates are: Monday 26th at Dance Limerick, Wednesday 28th at Backstage Theatre, Longford, Friday 30th at Firkin Crane, Cork and Saturday 31st at Project Arts Centre, Dublin.

Step Up Dance Programme is a partnership between the Arts Council, Dance Ireland, Dance Limerick and the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance at University of Limerick, which aims to bridge the gap between dance education and professional contemporary dance practice in Ireland.

Tour performance details coming soon. 

Wed 05 Jun '19

During their residency at Dance Limerick, Eleven Farrer House will bring their new work circle of perpetual choirs into its final stages of exploration and production. They will be experimenting with the work's installative and immersive nature, playing with multiple iterations and different performative structures.

circle of perpetual choirs is a project in round space, where audience are centered inside the choreography. Initiated by Tara Silverthorn and created in collaboration with Eleven Farrer House, it weaves four unique solo dances together into an energetic web. The solos are frameworks for the nourishment and flourishing of personal practice; individual songs within a chorus.  

With original sound by composer Sarah Westwood, the work seeks to share a fascination with the aural and acoustical dimensions of movement; with how moving might feel like sounding, and how such subtleties might be experienced, heard, felt by those present. 


For information on morning classes hosted by Eleven Farrer House on 14 & 19 June click here.

For information on Farrer House House's work-in-progress sharing on 20 June click here.



Eleven Farrer House is a home. Gathering artists Gaelin Little, Tara Silverthorn, Cat Westwood & Lucille Teppa, creative Initiation shifts from project to project, facilitating an interchangeable structure for constituent members. Individual creativity is nourished through collective exchange, laying ground for actualisation of bespoke works & investigation of practice.

Eleven Farrer House sets conditions for sustainable practice and mutual support of all kinds, exercising democracy throughout the working process. Different backgrounds in somatics and performance underpin making as practice. 

Projects supported by Rebecca Skelton Fund, Norfolk County Council, Ballet National de Marseille, Trinity Laban, Lisa Ullmann Travelling Scholarship Fund, Arnolfini, Eastbourne House Arts, Dance Limerick, Dance Base, LIVEBorders, Creative Scotland & Arts Council England. 

Gaelin Little trained as a dance artist at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. She is also a Somatic Movement Therapist, studying with the Institute of Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy founded by Linda Hartley, a holistic approach based on the principles of Body Mind Centering®, Authentic Movement and Somatic Psychology. Gaelin works within a variety of artistic, educational settings and local communities. She uses her understanding of infant movement development as a basis for working therapeutically for children with physical & learning difficulties. Gaelin has worked for Glasshouse Dance Company, performing in A Little bit of Light, designed for people living with dementia. Gaelin is currently developing her practice and research though a part-time master’s programme in Creative Practice, hosted by Trinity Laban in collaboration with Independent Dance.  

Tara Silverthorn is an independent artist in the fields of choreography and performance. Graduating with MA as part of Transitions Dance Company 2009 (Trinity Laban), she has since worked as a performer/collaborator in the UK and internationally with artists including Jana Unmüssig, Claudia Bosse/Theatercombinat, Vera Tussing, Charlotte Spencer Projects, Liam Steel, Rosemary Lee, Riz Ahmed, Laura McGill and Mara Vivas. She collaborates and creates trans-disciplinary works internationally with choreographer / visual artist Asher O'Gorman and sound artist Daniel Lercher. She also co-leads practice-based research with Naomi Lefebvre Sell and Lucille Teppa, entitled Moving as a Thought Process. Tara is currently a movement and bodywork associate for award-winning theatre company Mechanimal. She is a qualified Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist practicing in Bristol, where she lives.

Born in France, Lucille Teppa studied dance at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. Lucille works as an independent dance artist, dividing her time between performance and choreographic practices.
As a performer Lucille has taken part in various projects including company tours, art exhibitions and larger-scale artistic schemes such as Marseille-Provence 2013 – European Capital of Culture (France). Choreographically, her solo works have been presented on several occasions in the UK and beyond. Since 2016, Lucille has been involved in artistic research Moving as a Thought Process, led collaboratively with Naomi Lefebvre Sell and Tara Silverthorn, supported by Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music Dance & Arts Council England. With an MA in Literary Translation and Transcultural Studies, Lucille also works as a translator.  

Cat Westwood attained a BA (hons) in Dance Theatre at Trinity Laban, working with many influential choreographers, touring internationally as a performer and a creator.  Since 2010 she has worked with Arcane Collective, touring Ireland and the USA including the Guggenheim Theatre in New York. Cat returned to Los Angeles for new 'Flower of the Season' pieces in 2018 & 2019, trained in Body Weather Laboratory technique & performed at the Electric Lodge & Venice Beach CA. Her works include ongoing collaboration with Sarah Westwood; dance film 'WATER-face', which received funding from the European Social Fund. Cat is always continuing to develop her knowledge in bodywork practices. She graduated as an MRSS Shiatsu Practitioner at The Shiatsu College Brighton (2016), as well as a CYT Meridian Yoga Teacher and is now Head of Branch at the Meridian Yoga Teacher Training Norwich (2019). Currently Cat is assisting and completing her Shiatsu teacher training at the Shiatsu College, Norwich. 

Percolate Residency - Isabella Oberländer
Thu 30 May '19

During her residency at Dance Limerick, Isabella Oberländer will engage in depth with a new inquiry focusing on the materiality of the body, spacial relationships and triggering new territories by exploring xenofeminist politics of alienation. “We are all alienated - but have we ever been otherwise?”*

This research aims for a visceral articulation of physicality and thought. Rooted in the dancing body, it will thrive to question and excavate, the starkness of realities and imaginative worlds of otherness. Creating an invitation to a bubbling void of movement, for the development of a new solo work. This research phase was made possible through the Individual Bursary Award of Limerick
City and County Council.

*The Xenofeminist Manifesto: A Politics of Alienation, by Laboria Cuboniks


For info on Isabella's work-in-progress sharing on 27 June click here.



Isabella Oberländer is an independent dance artist based in Limerick, Ireland. Originally from Austria, she studied at IDA - Anton Bruckner University Linz. In 2008 she moved to Ireland to work with Daghdha Dance Company, under the direction of Michael Klien. During her time with Daghdha, she worked with Lucy Suggate, Chase Granoff, Lucy Sexton, Riikka Theresa Innanen, a.o. In 2010 I participated in the DanceWEB Scholarship Program at ImPulsTanz - Vienna International Dance Festival.

Over the past five years, her interest in cross disciplinary approaches has grown. Subsequently she has worked more frequently on projects situated between the performing & visual arts, with Vivienne Dick, Breda Lynch, Amanda Coogan, Sandra Minchin, Mary Nunan a.o. Recently she worked with Pietro Marullo on ‘Wreck - a list of extinct species’ Dance Limerick, performed in Sara Shelton Mann’s ‘Solo Neutral Follow’ at Dock 11, Berlin, Germany, and showed her own work ‘The End’, a durational performance installation, at What Next Festival Limerick.

Mon 13 May '19

Are you a woman aged 18+ years? We want to hear your stories and experiences of work as background research toward a new piece of dance theatre Working Women, Dance.

You are invited to join professional choreographer Philippa Donnellan, to share your experiences of work in the home, outside of the home, in Ireland or abroad. Sessions will combine discussion over a cuppa, alongside movement exploration of how dance theatre is made. 

As women, work consumes much of our daily lives whether at home or elsewhere, paid or not.  Is the place where you work – warm, bright and cheerful, or perhaps confined, cold or dreary? How would you describe your average working day – is it a bundle of laughs, stressful exercise, eventful activity, an endless chore or something else?

Participants are invited to take part in afternoon (Group 1) OR evening sessions (Group 2):

Group 1 - Tuesday 18 - Friday 21 June - 2pm – 4pm
Group 2 - Tuesday 18 - Thursday 20 June - 6pm - 8pm, Saturday 22 June 11am to 1pm

Participation Info

- Open to women 18+(no upper age limit)
- Basic movement and/or theatre experience required
- Free of charge, however a commitment to participate in week 1 & 2 is required.

Documentation & Consent

Working Women, Dance will include documenting experiences and collecting choreographic and other art-form material via photography, video, audio, and text-based methods. This is designed to inform creation and production of a new women’s dance theatre piece in 2020-21. * During the project, any recording of material will be agreed by participants in advance as appropriate.

What others said about taking part in Body of Work

…’it was such a nourishing experience. The group dynamic was amazing and facilitated so well by Philippa. The creative process though challenging at times was also exciting and such a great shift from the daily desk based life!! It gave space for reflection and processing choices we make and challenges we face, but rarely get to consider them happening or the impact on our lives and bodies!’ Participant Mary Ann O’Donovan

The project ‘gave me the benefit of regular exercise and an opportunity to perform. But the experience was heightened by the people involved. Despite the broad range of ages and backgrounds we bonded with each other easily and have become friends.’ Participant Ruth Lambkin

This Percolate Residency at Dance Limerick is kindly supported by an Arts Council Arts Participation Bursary Award 2018-19.

More info on Philippa's residency here


Open Call for Percolate Residencies 2023

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Dance Limerick exists to support the development of professional dance artists within the Limerick region and beyond.

Through a combination of performance platforms, residency opportunities, master classes, talks and lectures, Dance Limerick will advocate for artistic dialogue and exchange. In collaboration with dance artists across a range of practices, Dance Limerick will promote the creation of new and innovative work and will devise programmes of access, engagement and participation for the wider public.

Based at the premises of the former Daghdha Dance Company, Dance Limerick houses offices and a fully equipped studio space along with a separate performance venue known as the Daghda Space

Further information about facilities and opportunities for professional dance artists available from Jenny Traynor at