Dance Clubs for Young People
Fri 12 Oct '18

Please note that due to government regulations for COVID 19, all Dance Clubs for Young People have been postponed for the time being. Once resitriction lift, and it is safe to do so, we will return with studio classes. For any queries, please contact

Our Dance Clubs introduce the excitement and wonder of dance to young people through movement, creativity, learning and play.

The clubs aim to develop a dancer's ability with skills and technique while nurturing the creative possibilities within every young person. We believe dance provides both physical and intellectual benefits, that will enrich the lives of our students. Young people are encouraged to use their imagination to express their own individuality and develop their creativity, while also building confidence, self esteem and fitness.

These fun and active classes are led by our experienced tutors who teach modern dance styles to pop music and lots of familiar hits.

Percolate Artist Blog - Regan O'Brien
Tue 02 Oct '18

Residency dates: 24 September - 5 October

As part of this residency at Dance Limerick I gave a series of workshops to mothers in the studio exploring the skills and abilities which we have acquired through our continuing development into mothers and how we may frame these skills in a positive and valuable way.  

My artistic interest lies in an embodied practice which draws together voice and movement, society, stories and health. Since I got pregnant and became a mother I have been intrigued by the ongoing changes which occur in my body; Neural re-modelling and how our ceaseless movement can be perceived as a continuum from the cellular to the social and from the individual to the cosmic. Is what happens inside my body mirrored in society? Should it be?

I’m trying to find ways through my practice to explore Bracha Ettingers Matrixial theory which aims to rethink the masculine-feminine opposition, the matrixial gaze which is like a moment we share before meaning forms “a dimension of emergence, where objects, images, and meanings are glimpsed in their incipiency, before they are differentiated’.

I have been investigating male microchimerism in the female brain: the migration of fetal cells through the placenta during pregnancy. These cells engraft maternal tissues and, eventually, become her. Once they infiltrate the host they differentiate, replicate and proliferate. How could  this affect the mothers health, decision making and powers? Nature at work.

Identity then becomes a new question for me. What is m/other? An infinity of engaged systems. Mutation. Alien cells colonizing my body to what effect? Ebbing and flowing. Forming and unforming and reforming. You suck me in, I pushed you out.

Interdimensional travel; Another other sense, extra feminine difference, the waves of breath, the vast and inter-dependent multiplicity of the sea. The matrix is the place from where things grow. Ideas, concepts, humans. Buoyancy, support and connectedness.

I left my centre behind, it had been so full and so rooted. After giving birth to the I-that-is-not-I, I forgot about my belly. No, I loathed it.  It felt less than, watery, scarred, abandoned, an empty warehouse….  Some dysfunctional appearance of the belly breeding an exhausted, negligence of myself. So I aim to reconnect with my centre by dismantling the perceptions which have been allowed to infiltrate my sense of “I”.  Revaluing my skills even against a consumerist background, in parallel, working with and allowing new connections to grow. I seek support from appropriate places and I nurture a support-seeking society. I meet the mothers and we focus our powers.

I am placing the maternal as-a-state-of-being in the world at the centre of my quest. There are cells from my daughters fathers family living in my body, becoming me, nature is always at work. What kind of world could evolve if we prioritise the powers of the origin?

Umbilical Breath.
To me it feels like organs moving over each
and for each other.
A liquid breath which has an oozing quality, spreading through the layers of the body.
Gravity assists.
Eventually you gasp for breath.
How lovely.

With special thanks to Jenny, Emer and Gearoid at Dance Limerick. Stephanie Felber, Ailbhe Keoghan, Robin Palmer, Alexis Clancy and all the mothers who gave their time and their stories to this work.

Percolate Artist Blog - Sound & Colour Production
Tue 02 Oct '18

Residency dates: 23 July - 3 August

In July and August 2018, Sound & Colour Production researched and developed their latest performance work during the Percolate Residency at Dance Limerick.

During the two week residency, musician and composer Kavall (GER), dance artist Matt Cleary (UK) and me (Stephanie Scheubeck)  researched intensely into the relationship between sound, movement and embodiment by going through cycles of receiving sensory stimuli and expressing them: sound, listening, drawing, moving and resonating in stillness influenced one another in a creative exchange.

Passing fluently from task into the other, we took the sensory information from one medium to the other so that they influenced each other mutually. Core to our research were the work with the concurrents (the synaesthetic perceptions), space, (sound) waves, density, kinaesthetic resonance.

Thanks to the great technical support and equipment from Dance Limerick we were able to deepen the explorations on coloured light and the multi-layering of visual stimuli (light, shadows, film, live stream) with the two projectors and the video camera provided. For the showing, we transformed the white dance studio into a gallery space: The projections scanned the site, it’s corners, walls and cracks. The audience as well as performers were immersed by Kavall’s soundscape, by the coloured light of the projections that flooded the space and by the physicality of the dance that spread through the whole space. 

Influences of Ireland-Clare-Limerick

We were welcomed warm heartedly during our stay in Ireland: Lovely conversations and music making with our host, dinner invitations by fellow artists, intense conversations and stimulating artistic exchanges. 

Our generous host took us to Kilkee on the weekend and some of the footage I used for the projections was filmed on the travel. The colorful flowers on Limerick’s bridges served as base for footage for immersive projections in the showing.

After the residency we followed an invitation by artist Maria Kerin and stayed with her in Ennistymon for a residency and a sharing with Ankor, a platform for European interdisciplinary movement-based arts practice sharing. We connected with inspiring artists from various disciplines, shared our work and were impressed by the strong community of artists in that part of Ireland.

I feel enriched and artistically as well as personally nourished from the stay Ireland and from the work during the Percolate Residency in Limerick. An opportunity I can highly recommend to fellow artists!

Thanks so much again to the team of Dance Limerick for the support during the residency. Slan leat and looking forward to seeing you again!

About Sound & Colour Production

Sound & Colour Production centres around the fascinating and rare neurological phenomenon called ’synaesthesia’, where the trigger of one sense simultaneously and involuntarily triggers a second sense and as a result the senses blend. I, Stephanie Scheubeck, a dance artist, filmmaker and synaesthete, started the research into the relationship between synaesthesia, embodiment and dance during my MA in Dance at Bath Spa University (UK) in 2016. The research is driven by the interweaving of my synaesthesia and my art making as well as by the aim to make this fascinating phenomenon know to a wider public.

By now, the production feeds into and is nourished by three strands:

- Artistic project - live performance
- Workshops and discussions
- Research

Sound & Colour gives insight into synaesthesia as an example for the variety of perception that is inherent in us as human beings. It highlights the beauty and enrichment diversity holds for communities and for society while offering a somatic, felt experience to the audience and a space for discussing diversity. With its qualitative, embodied research into synaesthesia, Sound & Colour aims to contribute to an integral understanding of this phenomenon, which is still predominantly quantitatively researched.

Dance Ireland are hiring!
Thu 27 Sep '18

Dance Ireland is Ireland’s national dance development organisation and representative body for professional dance.

They are currently recruiting for 2 exciting positions: 

Programme Manager

Dance Ireland are seeking a dynamic, experienced and highly motivated Programme Manager to develop and manage their artistic programme. The position requires a flexible approach, with national and international travel, and periodic evening and weekend work required.

Closing date 12pm, Friday 19 October 2018

For more details see here

Membership Engagement Officer

The Membership Engagement Officer is a new role within the organisation and has arisen directly out of their strategy development process, and a review of existing membership provision. The Dance Ireland Strategy: Moving Forward Together (2018-2023), is a first for the organisation, re-affirming their values and highlighting their priorities for the next five years.  

Closing date: 12pm, Friday 19 October 2018

For more details see here

Thu 20 Sep '18

Dance Limerick is delighted to invite Aerowaves artist Pietro Marullo to recreate / restage a site-specific short version of 'WRECK-List of extinct species' to be presented at the next edition of What Next at Dance Limerick in February 2019.

Open Call for Irish based Dancers

The choreographer seeks three female dancers with a high technical level, improvisation skills and ability to work well in a group, to take part in the rehearsals and performance process.

The dynamic process proposed is to attend a one-week workshop/rehearsal to experiment with the manipulation and technical aspects (body-body, body-object) behind this hybrid performance and to create the site-specific version. 

Rehearsals / Performance

12 - 16 of November 2019: Workshop / Rehearsals

7 - 9 of February 2019: Rehearsal and Performance

Fee €1,000

Travel & Accommodation if required

Interested dancers should send applications to Pietro Marullo at, copying to,  to include a Curriculum Vitae, video links to performances and a short video, (maximum 2 minutes) in which you present yourself (you can do it by your smartphone).

Deadline Wednesday 3 October 2018

About the performance:

WRECK is a huge floating sculpture which moves in the space like a hunter. As it gently swallows and spits human beings, our imagination wanders.  Is this a modern Leviathan, an image of humanity itself or the shadow of an upcoming catastrophe? 

Described as an "elastic performance", WRECK can be shown indoor or outdoor and adapted to space-specific conditions.

See trailer at

About Pietro Marullo

Pietro Marullo is an Italian artist based in Brussels. His interdisciplinary work lies at the intersection of visual and performing art, installation and new technologies. 

Pietro studied direction at the Institut National Supérieur des Arts du Spectacle et des Techniques de Diffusion in Brussels and graduated in 2012.  Since 2010, he has been invited as a young artist to different festivals like Biennale di Venezia, Festival Avignon, Findplus at Schaubhune of Berlin, Festival TransAmeriques of Montreal, Wildwuchs of Basel.
‘ARANCE – avoid shooting blacks’ is his first production about the link between modern slavery and migration today (Festival Emulation 2015 at Théâtre de Liege and Théâtre Varia in Brussels in February 2016). In 2017, he presented the performance WRECK-List of extinct species in the Museum MART of Rovereto (Italy) for the opening of the International Dance Festival OrienteOccidente. This project is selected by Arte Laguna Prize 2018 of Venise and Danse Elargie 2018 of Paris, and it will be presented for the opening of the next SIDance Festival in October 2018 in Seoul, South Korea. 

Since 2017, Pietro has been teaching and sharing ideas about "the metaphorical body and space" at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre in Vilnius. In January 2019, Pietro will present his new production 'ARIANE (eu)phonie' in Théâtre Varia in Brussels: a plastic-acoustic landscape about bas-relief and modern hotspots for refugees.

Further information about the choreographer can be found at



Step Up 2018
Autumn at Dance Limerick
Mon 10 Sep '18

See what's happening this September and October at Dance Limerick in our listings brochure.

Featuring Percolate artists-in-residence, performances, professional and public classes and more.

SEE | OBEY, featured work from 2017 festival
Light Moves 18 Launch
Mon 27 Aug '18

Join us for the programme launch of Light Moves Festival of Screendance 2018 by Dr Jill Cousins, Director of 
The Hunt Museum and be the first to see what's coming to this year's festival.

The festival invites you to explore a weekend full of intriguing film, music, workshops & unique encounters that showcase the future of dance on film from 8-11 November in Limerick city.

Programme details available at from 26 September.

Image: Still from SEE | OBEY, featured work from 2017 festival.

Regan O Brien
Percolate Residencies
Wed 22 Aug '18

Regan O'Brien | 24 September - 5 October

Regan's residency research focuses on her piece Bounding, a live, science-fiction performance project with a strong inter-disciplinary dynamic between dance, writing, installation, music and social choreography. Bounding focuses on the embodied experience of ‘performance’ from the perspective of the pregnant body. It is a searching for the story of a body mutated by nature and rejected by society. All wildish and terrified this is a space in which to explore the strength in vulnerability and the skills acquired in the process.

Throughout her residency O’Brien will facilitate friendly, creative meetings with groups of interested mums who are interested in exploring the skills and abilities they acquired through their mutation into m/Other. Please contact to express your interest.

Andrea Rama | 8-19 October

Andrea's residency is a part of the choreographic research of the project Megachurch. Megachurch is a dance solo, which contradicts the violence of sensation and the violence of representation in a surrealistic environment. It marks out the possibilities of optical facts, that do not yet constitute a fact. 

The performer, is a phenomenal item, with a torso-driven dance and an emphasis on articulations of the hips. Andrea, and his collaborator Xeni Alexandrou, will use this residency in order to discover the maximum possibilities of this torso-driven dance and to limit the participation of the arms and legs. They will work on the flow of the movement and create a situation where the dance sequences have no boundary points: no beginning and no end.

As a conclusion they will examine the flexibility and grace that produces the body of a male performer, in this context of movement.

Professional Morning Classes

Regan O Brien - Friday 28 September and Wednesday 3 October. Click here for details.

Andrea Rama - Friday 12 and Wednesday 17 October. Click here for details. 

Kate Hilder and Seke Chimutengwende
Percolate Residency Artists 2018
Wed 30 May '18

We had an amazing response to our Open Call for applications for Percolate, our Artist Residency Programme, receiving a high number of submissions from various parts of the world. We are delighted to announce that the following dance artists have been awarded a residency to create/develop new work at Dance Limerick from June - August 2018: Deirdre Griffin | 11 - 22 June | Work-in-Progress showing Friday 22 June Deirdre is a Dublin-based dance artist. Since graduating from Fontys Academy, she has performed extensively with Irish choreographers and companies including the Looseysmokes, Thisispopbaby, Catherine Young Dance and most recently Junk Ensemble. Deirdre will use her studio time to reconnect with her choreographic practice and to collaborate with composer Craig Cox in developing a framework for a new dance and music piece which takes Hope as its central theme. Stephanie Scheubeck | 22 July – 3 August | Work-in-Progress showing Friday 3 August Stephanie is a movement artist and film-maker. Her area of research is the relationship between synaesthesia and dance with the aim to promote synaesthesia as an example of diversity in society. Stephanie will work with two musicians Ferdinand Kavall and Ciaran Markey, and dancer, Matt Cleary, to discover and elaborate new artistic implementations of the theme with either a focus on analogue visuals and sound or with a featuring of digital media. Art & Synaesthesia Workshop with Stephanie | Thursday 26 July | 6-8pm | Dance Limerick Studio | €5 This multi art form workshop centres around synaesthesia, a fascinating neurological phenomenon where the senses blend. The workshop is open to all levels of experience in art and dance. Come along & let’s boost our creativity! Dance, imagery, sound, drawing and painting enrich one another in a creative exchange. Through somatic movement we tune into our sensory perception, let vivid imageries arise stimulated by music and sounds which we will translate into creative drawings and paintings. In vibrant improvisations we translate the paintings and drawings into dance. Kate Hilder | 12 – 24 August | Work-in-Progress showing Thursday 23 August Kate is a Feldenkrais practitioner with an interest in Action Theatre and Improvisation. Kate will work with Edinburgh-based dance artist Skye Reynolds and with London-based artist Seke Chimutengwende to develop her solo and duet performance practice. Professional Classes | 10-11:30am | Dance Limerick Studio | €7 or free for studio subscriber Deirdre Griffin - 15 & 20 June Stephanie Scheubeck - 27 July & 1 August Kate Hilder - 15 & 22 August

STEP UP DANCE Programme 2018 - Participants Announced!
Thu 24 May '18

Step Up Dance Programme, now in its seventh year, once again plays host to some of Ireland’s most promising contemporary dance graduates. Following a national open call, shortlisted applicants were invited to audition and six dancers were selected to take part in the prestigious programme. The dancers selected are a mix of Irish natives who have travelled abroad to complete their training and seek work and dancers who have trained in Ireland and are now resident here. The selected dancers are Rocio Dominguez, Katrina Galvin, Mintesinot Getachew, Rebecca Lee, Evgenia Sizmina and Kathy Young. The participating dancers will rehearse at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance at University of Limerick and at Dance Limerick. This year, the dancers will work under the direction of Catherine Young. Catherine is Artistic Director of her own company Catherine Young Dance. Her most recent work which have been highly acclaimed include State of Exception, Welcoming the Stranger, and Ultima Thule. In addition to creating new work, the dancers will reconstruct repertory work by John Scott and, with Daniel Squire, by Merce Cunningham. The three works by Young, Scott and Cunningham will form a triple bill programme to be performed at Dance Limerick, Cork, Galway and DanceHouse, Dublin. Step Up Dance Programme is a partnership between the Arts Council, Dance Ireland, Dance Limerick and the University of Limerick, which aims to bridge the gap between dance education and professional contemporary dance practice in Ireland. It is an annual intensive programme of training, rehearsals, performance and development for selected dancers who have completed their professional training within the last three years. The specific elements of the programme include • Working with high profile choreographers to create new work • Working with Professional Dance Artists to enable the dancers in the reconstruction/setting of existing choreography • Development Workshops and Information Sessions • Independent Development / Study The Step Up programme will enhance these dancers’ professional networks by connecting them to the Irish contemporary dance community and improving their professional opportunities in Ireland.

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