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Dance Limerick Space (St John's Church)

This touring exhibition challenges mainstream representations of women and work.
Mon 12 - Sun 18 October 2015

Opening times:
Mon-Sat: 12 noon-5pm
Sun: 2pm-5pm

Curated by Michele Horrigan, the Limerick iteration presents Vagabond Review’s photographic series (In)Visible Labour Factorium at Dance Limerick, while artworks by Sarah Browne, Anne Tallentire and Miriam O’Connor are sited at other venues in the city.

Special events at Dance Limerick include:

Mon 12 Oct, 3pm:
Introductory presentation by curator Valerie Connor, followed by a celebratory launch at 4pm.

Still, We Work initiator Val Connor introduces the conceptual framework driving this exhibition. Her talk will consider the legacies and current iterations of site-specific and participatory visual art practices, in turn reflecting on the intentions behind the working process of the artists in Still, We Work.

Tues 13 Oct, 3pm:
Talk on Lady Mary Heath, the 1920s pioneering aviator from West Limerick, by Lindie Naughton, author of Lady Icarus – The Life of Irish Aviator Lady Mary Heath.

In 1928, Lady Mary Heath, born in Newcastle West, County Limerick, flew her tiny open-cockpit biplane from Cape Town to London, the first solo pilot to make the trip.
It took her three months in an epic adventure that included forced landings, bureaucratic bungling, hostile natives and a bullet or two.

Never one to sit still for long, Lady Mary had already pioneered women’s athletics in Britain and helped introduce women’s track and field to the Olympics. Hear more about her contribution to a liberal understanding of women’s role in society from Lindie Naughton, author of Lady Icarus - the first full-length biography of Mary Heath.

Other related events take place at Limerick City Gallery of Art and The Hunt Museum.


Dance Clubs for Young People
National Dance Residency Partnership
Dance Classes for Adults

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Dance Limerick exists to support the development of professional dance artists within the Limerick region and beyond.

Through a combination of performance platforms, residency opportunities, master classes, talks and lectures, Dance Limerick will advocate for artistic dialogue and exchange. In collaboration with dance artists across a range of practices, Dance Limerick will promote the creation of new and innovative work and will devise programmes of access, engagement and participation for the wider public.

Based at the premises of the former Daghdha Dance Company, Dance Limerick houses offices and a fully equipped studio space along with a separate performance venue known as the Daghda Space

Further information about facilities and opportunities for professional dance artists available from Jenny Traynor at