Step Up Triple Bill

Step Up dance project Commissions
Step Up dance project Commissions


Watch at Home: €10 + Booking Fee / Watch at Dance Limerick (table of 2): €20 + Booking Fee


18:00pm to 19:00pm


Fri 18 Jun '21 to Sun 20 Jun '21


2 Locations: Online OR In-Person at Dance Limerick, 1-2 John's Square (Choose your ticket)

Step Up dance project celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2020, and to mark the occasion the project commissioned three past participants to make a new solo work to present at WHAT NEXT dance festival 2021. The commission offered the successful artists support in developing a new solo work in collaboration with another dancer from the programme. We are delighted to present three very special performance streams by the successful artists, and their collaborators, at WHAT NEXT dance festival 2021.

AFTER ACCEPTANCE by Aliina Lindroos 

'After Acceptance' describes an ambitious goal, an end sight of a mourning process of grief. It points out to a place or a state, which materialises after coming to terms with a deeply impacting event. Whether it is brought upon by a profound change, a personal loss, an end of something or someone, it has the power to cast an all-encompassing shadow. The performance examines the different qualities of grief as well as their physical manifestations. At times it stands quietly, completely still in a corner staring back at oneself. Other times it bursts out in silent screams, wrenching the limbs unexpectedly. It may weigh one down as if the body liquifies and slips through floor-boards. Solace can emerge from the smallest of details.

PAINTING THE FRUIT by Chrissie Ardill

A closeted artist filled with rage and violence, living a life framed by plague, death and religious imagery. A man fleeing imagined demons and real death sentences, who never painted a female nude but painted his own decapitated head more than once. This film explores the darkness and the glimpses of light in the short life and famous work of the artist Caravaggio using dance and aerial harness.


It has been said that ‘Memories are all we get to keep from our experience of living, and the only perspective that we can adopt as we think of our lives is therefore that of the remembering self’. By exploring how the way we recall the past, may differ from those with the same shared experience, I am interested to question how significant a role this has in shaping the people we become. Danced to an original soundscape, we witness a reflection on one’s memories and get a glimpse into some of the treasured moments passed of Rocio Dominguez.

Step Up dance project is a partnership between Dance Limerick, Dance Ireland, the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance at the University of Limerick and the Arts Council, which aims to bridge the gap between dance education and professional contemporary dance practice in Ireland. It is curated by international choreographer Marguerite Donlon.

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IMPORTANT TICKET INFO: There are 2 ticket types for this performance stream, Watch at Dance Limerick, and Watch at Home. 

Watch at Dance Limerick Ticket: View the performance stream on Dance Limerick's cinema screen in our beautiful venue in John's Square, St.John's Church. Numbers extremely limited due to social distancing restrictions and Covid-19 safety guidelines, the ticket includes a table for 2 people. For Dance Limerick's full Covid-19 Safety guidelines click here.

Watch at Home Ticket: You will receive a link to view the stream from your home, STEP UP COMMISSIONS PROGRAMME is available to stream from Friday 18 June at 6pm until Wednesday 23 June at 11:59pm. 

Production Credits

Choreography: Aliina Lindroos in collaboration with Millie Daniel-Dempsey
Performer: Millie Daniel-Dempsey
Lighting design: Gearóid O hAllmhuráin
Set: Aliina Lindroos 
Video: Lucy Dawson and Shane Vaughan

Choregraphy: Chrissie Ardill
Performer: Ryan O’Neill
Costume: Barbra Kolasinski

Choreography: Rebecca LeePerformer: Rocio Domínguez
Video Production: Crude Media
Director of Photography: Shane Serrano
Camera Operator/AC: Wojtek Kwiatkowski
Sound designer: Dave Delgado (Joone)
Voices by: Gladys Milillo, Matías Domínguez, Victoria Tello, Carolina Ciampichini
Lighting: Gearóid O hAllmhuráin
Visuals: Farside studio & Gearóid O hAllmhuráin
Makeup artist: Shannen Falvey
With thanks to Dance Limerick, Stephanie Dufresne & Ángela Ferro



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