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Culture Night at Dance Limerick

From live performance to fascinating films we have an exciting programme of events and activities for you to enjoy this Culture Night at Dance Limerick.   All events are free.

5pm – 5.30pm Intro

5.30pm – 6.15pm Dance Showcase

·         Limerockers Cru

·         LYDC

·         Indapocket Cru

·         Rachel Sheil

6.15pm – 6.30pm Film Showcase

·         Fresh Film Moving Pictures

6.30pm – 7.30pm Music Showcase

·         Darius & Kot

·         Joyce Zacks W/ Band

7.30pm – 7.40pm Film Showcase

·         Fresh Film Moving Pictures

7.40pm – 8.30pm Dance Party

·         Big Dance Party featuring Mix Movement Limerick


LYDC “Which Wolf…” 

This piece is the exploration of the bittersweet temptation to stay with what’s causing you pain. It’s hard to leave the familiar, and this dance is a fight against what’s pulling you in. But maybe you want to surrender. Maybe it’s better this way… To keep feeding the wolf that holds you…

Choreography: Rachel Sheil


Rachel Sheil “What to Say…”

When everything has already been said, and everything has already been made, what is then left?

“What to Say…” was developed in response to that feeling and question. What’s the point? What is there left to say? In the face of that existentialism, how about we just dance and play?

Choreography: Rachel Sheil

Fresh Film Festival 

Fresh Film is a national young people’s film organisation. Our mission is to inspire, nurture and celebrate excellence in young people’s film making. We strive to promote and inspire the work of young artists while also helping many more creators discover and develop their talents through film.

Limerick Youth Dance Company 

Established in 2019 Limerick Youth Dance Company (LYDC) is a youth dance ensemble of 12 members currently, aged between 11-23. Over the first year LYDC grew from 5 – 14 members, both organically and through auditions. To date it has created 3 live dance works and 2 dance films, performing in Limerick, Belfast, Laois and Dublin and screened in Fresh Film & Light Moves Festival. Most recently LYDC were selected and invited to perform in OneDance UK Birmingham.

While mainly trained in Contemporary Dance principles, the youth ensemble demonstrates a variety of styles, most notably Street Dance. LYDC has been funded previously by Dance Limerick, Arts Council Ireland (YES 2019-2021) and Limerick Arts Office. The mission is to promote a standard of excellence in dance with and by young people of Ireland.

Rachel Sheil 

Rachel has been teaching, performing and choreographing in Limerick and Ireland since 2010. She has a BA and MA in Contemporary Dance from the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance as well as an ADPA in Street Dance teaching.  Rachel is the Artistic Director of Limerick Youth Dance Company. LYDC have already performed in Laois, Dublin, Belfast and Limerick. Her passion for dance is shown through a variety of mediums – she has her own YouTube channel where she showcases her work and also breaks down different choreographies. Rachel is most passionate about using dance as a vehicle for joy, self-confidence and freedom. She wants to share this with dancers and dance enthusiasts everywhere!

Top 8 Street Battle 

Top 8 Street Dance Battle is fuelled by their passion for hip-hop/Street Dance Culture and the desire to put Ireland at the forefront of the global Hip-hop and Street Dance scene, Tobi Omoteso and Deborah O’Connor later reformed Top 8 Street Dance Battle in 2014, as it was already operating at an underground level since 2010.

Since then, it has become one of Ireland’s respected Street Dance / Hip-hop events and continues to grow each year. Top 8 Street Dance Battle incorporates the four elements of hip-hop culture: MCs, DJs, Breakin (street dancer), and graffiti.

The Top 8 team believes hip-hop is a platform for creative expression and knowledge sharing among the Irish street dance/Hip-hop community. The core values of the Top 8 team are Love, Respect, Community and having Fun.



Free - all welcome!


5:00 pm - 8:30 pm


23 September 2022


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