Artistic Workshops for Mothers with Regan O'Brien

Regan O Brien
Regan O Brien


Free event, all mothers welcome. You can attend: all, 1 or some of the workshops!


10:00am to 12:00pm


Wed 26 Sep '18 | Thu 27 Sep '18 | Fri 28 Sep '18 | Mon 01 Oct '18 | Tue 02 Oct '18


Dance Limerick, 1-2 John's Square

Percolate artist-in-residence Regan O'Brien would like to invite local mothers to join her in free artistic workshops during her time in Dance Limerick. 

The workshops will run from Wednesday 26 September to Tuesday 2 October, 10am-12pm. They will look at the amazing skills and abilities women acquire when they become mothers, discussing them through art and movement. There will be tea, coffee and conversation. 

For more information on the workshops contact Regan directly at

The workshops feed into Regan's broader project entitled Bounding. This phase of Bounding action-research is focused on facilitating women to identify with their transition into motherhood through noticing the positive skills and abilities they have acquired so that they can step into their full power and potential.

Regan is interested in exploring our Living Patterns as a means of adding value to the skills and abilities acquired by mothers in their self-taught and experiential transition into M-Other.

These matrixial[1] meetings will draw from resources such as the Social Dreaming Matrix, Deep Listening and poetic Body-Voice movement;

Regan aims to appreciate and make tangible the role of the body as the predominant agency organizing human experience.

Noticing modes of learning through the associations between our living patterns and the emergent skills which each approach to mothering requires.

Regans class emphasizes a deep connection with your breath through mindful movement work, developing basic balance and clarity for the approach to sensing the voice through the body. Motivated towards identifying the feeling of being in the driving seat of your own body and what that means to each of us in our evolving, living patterns.

In all of this, a special focus is placed on the notion of compassion as an embodied practice

[1] The Matrix refers to a feminine dimension of the Symbolic order dealing with asymmetrical, plural, and fragmented subjects composed of the known as well as the not-rejected and not-assimilated unknown, and to unconscious processes of change and transgression at the borderlines, limits, and thresholds of I and non-I emerging in co-existence (13). Bracha L. Ettinger


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