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Morning Class with Michelle Nance
Fri 30 Aug '19

Intended to thoroughly warm-up the body/mind, Michelle’s approach to dance training is grounded in physiological and kinesthetic concepts of efficient, easy-flowing movement.  Michelle is heavily influenced by the principles of Erick Hawkins, whose approach to dance training is considered the forerunner of “release technique”. Promoting a strong, integrated torso to support free limbs and joints, the class will proceed from sitting and lying floor-work, to standing exercises and dynamic movement phrases through space.

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Michelle Nance currently serves as a Professor and Director of the Dance Program at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. She has studied and taught the technique of Erick Hawkins extensively, and served as the Assistant School Director for the Erick Hawkins School of Dance in the mid-1990s.  Her choreography has been commissioned and produced in the U.S. at prestigious dance festivals and venues including: the American College Dance Festival, Austin Dance Festival, Frontera Fest, Brazos Contemporary Dance Festival, Boulder Creek Festival, Dance for the Planet, Barefoot Brigade, Hunter College Legacy Series, the New York International Fringe Festival, the Minnesota Fringe Festival, and Field Day (NYC).  Internationally, she has presented choreography, performed, and taught in Guatemala, Costa Rica, Scotland, Chile, Greece, and France. Ms. Nance has had the honor and privilege of performing in the works of many notable American choreographers and dance companies, including Erick Hawkins, David Dorfman, Joe Goode, Douglas Andresen, Darla Johnson, Katherine Duke, LeAnne Smith, Nada Diachenko, David Capps, Nicole Wesley, Ellen Bartel Dance Collective, Kathy Dunn Hamrick, Shay Ishii Dance Company, Valerie Green/Dance Entropy, and Susana Williams/Danceforms Productions. 

She currently co-creates and performs in screendance works and live choreography with WE Create Productions and The Margarita Clan.  Ms. Nance earned a MFA in Performance and Choreography from the University of Colorado-Boulder in 2001.

Morning Class with Heike Salzer
Wed 04 Sep '19

Heike's technique class draws on contemporary dance techniques including Limon-Humphrey, release the beat, and release technique. The balancing of energy and effort as well as speed and musicality combined with the sensation of flow in space are key concepts of the work. As a somatic practitioner which is founded in her education as a German Gymnastik Teacher in the Anna Herrmann Method, her class follows a holistic approach that consider the body as an organic unity, an awareness of breath and flow, and the principle of oppositional forces. Dancers are invited to listen to their inner voices, finding authentic presence in the moment of performance.

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Work-in-progress sharing WeCreate Productions
Thu 05 Sep '19

At the end of their 2 weeks residency at Dance Limerick, WECreate Productions will host a work-in-progress sharing. 

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